Do you have an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad? If yes, then you might be mad with Apple for not giving enough freedom to iOS users. Unlike Android users, you can never sideload iPhone apps in IPA format without jail-breaking your iOS device. If you don’t know what jail-breaking is then let me update you that this process is similar to the rooting process of Android smartphone. Well, in my case, I use two smartphones, and both of them runs on Android and iOS. In my android smartphone, it is easy for me to install applications like Hulu plus Mod Apk, and Snaptube mod apk, etc. However, there was no other way for me to sideload modded iOS apps.

After some time, one of my friends told me that there is a way to sideload apps on the iPhone. Aren’t you curious to find out how and which method I use? Well, I used software known as Cydia Impactor in my windows PC. Besides, the beauty of this software is that you can install this software on your PC with Linux and MAC operating system. So, choose the operating system as per the availability.  Now, you might have several questions in your mind regarding Cydia Impactor and how to use it. Well, don’t worry and stay back, I will provide easy step by step procedures on how to use Cydia Impactor. However, before proceeding with the method, let’s find out about Cydia Impactor.

cydia impactor

What is Cydia Impactor?

Before proceeding, let me warn you might find some of this stuff a bit boring. So, feel free to jump to the next section where I have mentioned all the steps to apply this technique on your iOS device. Cydia Impactor is a GUI tool that is created by Jay Freeman (saurik), Cydia Impactor is multi-function software that is available on every other operating system.

How can you run iOS IPA files in your iOS device?

If you want to sideload application like Instagram++, then follow all these ten steps carefully-

1: Firstly, you have to make sure that you installed the latest version of iTunes on your Computer.

2: Now, you will need the IPA file that you want to install on your PC.

3: Click on this Download button to start downloading the latest version of Cydia Impactor from the official site. Besides, you can download Cydia Impactor for Windows, Mac, and Fedora Linux PC.

4: Extract the content of the zip file to the desired location in your PC.

5: Use the data cable to connect your iOS device to PC.

6: Now, you have to launch the application file of Cydia Impactor.

7: Once, the software recognizes your smartphone, all you have to do is drag and drop your IPA file. As an alternative option, you can go to the “Device” section and select “Install Package…” opportunity on the software to initiate the installation process.

8: However, before proceeding, the application will prompt you to enter the username and password of your Apple ID. Don’t worry about your privacy; the app will ask your credentials to fetch the certificate from the servers of Apple. If you have an Apple ID that registered with Apple’s Developer Program, then your license will have the validity of one year. However, if you don’t have the developer certificate, then your license will be valid for only seven days.

9: Now, to install the IPA file, all you have to do is be patient and let Cydia Impactor perform tasks to sign the IPA file.

10: Once the software installs IPA file in your PC, open Device Management in the General section of settings.

11: Now, enjoy the side-loaded app on your iOS device.

Final Words

As an iOS user, I would say that if Apple had allowed us to sideload apps in our iOS device, then we wouldn’t have to go through this process. For the time being, if you find the information provided by me useful, don’t forget to share this process with others. Besides, if you face any error in this procedure then let us know via the comment section below, we will find the solution for you.


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