Games like Minecraft got you hooked? Now, check out the top 5 games by Mojang for more exciting games. Mojang is in the list of the world’s top game developers. Based in Sweden, and owned by Markus Perrson, it is home to many other games. Addictive like Minecraft and also with an amazing interface.

Why write an article about Mojang? Because, this game developer company revolutionized Minecraft, from the normal javascript Minecraft accounts. And, they have not just stopped there. In fact, the top 5 games by Mojang is just as exciting and best reviewed.

So, if you have been a Minecraft fan like me, you can easily find likewise addictive games by Majong.

The Top 5 Games by Mojang

Cobalt Mojang

top 5 games by Mojang

This is multiple and single player game, you can use unique slo-mo actions to conquer realms and build your guild. You can also play against friends and make it to the leader boards. Developed by Oxeye Game Studio, you can find this on Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One.

Minecraft Story Mode

top 5 games by Mojang Imagine if you got your favorite game that you can play, as a TV show? Where you are the star and you get to lead your pack to save the world. So, if you are looking for games like Minecraft on stream then this is definitely the place you should be. Mojang is not just a game developer company but also, a publisher giving flight to many other developers. Minecraft Story Mode was developed by Telltale Games. Available on PS 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One. You can also get it on your iOS phones form the App Store and for Android, you will find it on Google Play and Amazon.


top 5 games by Mojang If you club wargame tactics in to a card game, you get Scrolls. This is a home production of Mojang itself, making it a very revered game for people. You get to build your personalized and unique army to battle with others. You can get this game on PC, Mac and Android Tablets.

Crown and Council

top 5 games by Mojang Developed by Henry Pettersson from Mojang, this is another home production. One of the main reasons why I included this on my top 5 games by Mojang is it is a single player FREE Game. Published in 2016 so far it has gained many followers. It is available easily for PC, Linux and Mac operating systems. You earn gold to further your span on the lands and gain territory. It is a turn based game making it very easy to navigate. Finally!


top 5 games by Mojang What has not been said about Minecraft? You go an adventures by building blocks. That’s the beauty of the game. It is simple, yet enigmatic. Minecraft is built to be an open-world game for you. You set your own rules. You pretty much get a few modes to play on. Like Creative Mode: where you are provided resources and you build whatever you can imagine. The Survival Mode gives you resources to fend for yourself. If you are looking forward to get free MC Alts and sell your MineCraft premium account quickly, we have provided extensive guide including premium minecraft account generator and buying/selling it quickly. You can play it on multiple servers in real time with your friends too and set your own rules. This is the uniqueness of this game, it comes with personality and story telling. Making it the best top 5 games by Mojang.

Final Verdict

Mojang is a diverse game developer and publisher company. Creating games far beyond just flashy graphics, they combine the art of storytelling to keep their gamers hooked. They are geared to build gaming experiences instead of short lived games. So, if you are looking to play crafting games like Minecraft this list is built to get you started.


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