American Horror Story: New Season Will Feature Some Crazy Scenes Between Macaulay Culkin And Kathy Bates

The 10th season of American Horror Story is approaching, and with it, the new members of the cast. In this new batch of episodes we will see Macaulay Culkin join the long ensemble. About the process to integrate him into the cast, Ryan Murphy, creator of the series, spoke, who confessed his strange, but effective, method, to convince the Home Alone actor to be part of the show:

“I have always loved Macaulay Culkin’s work. I love everything he has done, I loved his work on Mi Pobre Angelito, I also love the most recent things he has done. And it hasn’t worked in a long time. I have a role that is very crazy. I asked to speak to him on the phone, and he agreed.
He added that when he chooses the actors to play his characters, he generally doesn’t ask them to read the scripts , and that, this time, with Culkin , he was straight to the point:

“When I choose someone, I hardly let them read anything. So I said, ‘Well, here’s my proposal,’ and I told him about the character and the things he does. I told him that I would have crazy and erotic s*x scenes with Kathy Bates. He paused and said, ‘I think I was born to play this role,’ then he signed immediately. ”Murphy recognized for creating serials like American Horror Story and award-winning American Crime Story , Murphy went deep into the season’s production lag , which he attributed to the global pandemic of COVID-19 . Despite this, he was extremely enthusiastic about adding the actor of My First Kiss to the ranks of the project .

AHS season 10 does not yet have a release date, nor a theme for its already known anthology format, although Murphy has already advanced on several occasions that the chapters will deal with themes about nature. It will come to the FX channel -as it is usual- and it will also have the returns of old acquaintances, such as Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters.

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