If you are looking for apps like Vidmate then you have come to the right place. There are many Vidmate alternatives. And, my list also includes apps like Vidmate for iPhone too.

What is Vidmate?

Vidmate is a video downloader compatible with almost all video sharing websites. Like, Facebook. Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and many more. One of the best things about this apk based software is that you also get to choose the resolution you want to download your video in.

Subsequently, there are also apps like Vidmate for iPhone users too. Vidmate is mainly a Windows PC compatible apk software.

You can find the easy steps to download Vidmate here.

Why download apps like Vidmate?

Because why not. Especially if you are an iPhone user then having apps like Vidmate for iPhone also helps to enjoy your best TV shows and videos no matter which platform.

You get to choose the resolution you want to download them at and all the apps like Vidmate also support Windows PC.

Top 10 Vidmate Alternatives

Well, without further due, let’s just get right to the list of Vidmate alternatives.


apps like VidmateTubeMate is a similar platform like Vidmate. You can use it the very same way you use Vidmate. Get the apk file then use an Android emulator to help you launch all your best videos on to your device.

And, if you are looking for apps like Vidmate for iPhone then TubeMate is your ideal choice to begin with.


apps like Vidmate

Snaptube similarly like Vidmate and Tubemate lets you download the best music and videos form all streaming platforms on to your device. It is equally compatible with both Windows PC and iPhone users.

You can choose the resolution quality in pixels from there and get all your latest shows in one place for you.


apps like VidmateIt doesn’t matter where, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Videoder allows you to download all streaming videos on to your PC or android device. It is easy to download and it doesn’t take up much space.

All Video Downloader Pro

apps like Vidmate

This comes as chrome extension which is free and helps you download all your shows and videos you want to store in your device.


apps like vidmate

This is another simple way to download all your shows, videos and everything on to your windows device. One of the best part of this free video downloader is that you don’t get annoying advertisements.

Nor do you get full screen pop up screens.


apps like vidmate

This is another video downloader application for free. You can easily get all your videos from Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok etc. It is easy to download and you won’t be stressing your device out in regard to storage.


apps like VidmateThis video downloader app comes to in a multi format downloader, with a very easy to use app. You can download your best videos in HD format, with unlimited video size. it also comes with a Bookmark management so you don’t miss out anything and you can resume broken links of transfer too.


apps like VidmateWhen it comes to easy download for your favorite videos form streaming sites many other social media sites then InsTube works like magic. Giving you access to over 1000 sites, you know you can download your videos in all resolutions.

It also gives you the option of video locker and an in-built browser to access all those websites. Making it a very sturdy alternative to Vidmate.

Suim Downloader

apps like Vidmate

This is another great option for free video downloading form your favorite streaming sites. One of the best usp for this software is that it is child free so your kid will not be bumping in to anything obnoxious to begin with. You also get to download WhatsApp statuses too.

And finally!

Fvd Tube

apps like VidmateThis is an mp3 and video downloader that lets you download videos form all the leading streaming sites like YouTube and Facebook. You can all the clips you need in the resolution you want. Easy to use and a very light weight software that doesn’t take much too much space in your device.


Well guys, those were our top ten alternatives for Vidmate. So, your search for apps like Vidmate ends right here. Feel free to download them and let us know your experience in the comments section.


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