Finally, it has happened after 22 long years! Ash Ketchum has won the Regional Pokemon Anime Champion. In case you don’t know, the sept. 15th episode of Pokemon, Sun, and Moon, that aired on Japanese TV revealed the winner between the fight between Ash Ketchum & Gladion.

So, in this ongoing post, I will provide all the necessary information related to Ash Ketchum & his much-awaited victory. So, let’s proceed:

First Victory After 22 Long Years

Yeah! Quite true.

But in this long journey of Ash, he still looks the same. All I mean to say is he didn’t age much & throughout his journey, he didn’t age at all & still, Ash is 10 years old boy. For the first time in 139th episode, he became the champion of the Alola Region.

The name of the episode is “Birth! The Aloha Champion!!”. This entire episode is a part of Pokemon Sun & Moon anime show.

After the historic win, the twitter handle of Pokemon anime, tweeted a congratulatory message to the new champion Ash.

Ash Ketchum Vs Gladion

In his quest to become a champion, Ash fought with Lillie’s brother Gladion in the 139th episode of Pokemon Sun & Moon. As I already told you, it’s for the first time, Ash has won a Pokemon league conference.

But one thing I would say for sure, Gladon gave a very tough competition to ash. At one point of the game, I even thought, Gladion will defeat ash similar to the way Alain defeated him in the finals of Kalos.

Although, I was upset from the loss but still I had hope that Ash will win the Aloha & that’s what happened that I hoped from Ash.

Now, when it comes down to the final fight, there were two Lycanroc were present in the battle. One of them was owned by Ash & the other one by Gladions. However, earlier, the former Lycanroc was used to live with Professor Kukui.

Twitter Reactions

Here’s how Twitter users reacted to the win of Ash Ketchum after 22 years:

1. Funny Avenger’s Endgame reference.

2. Emotional Fan

3. Addiction of 90’s kid.

4. Congrats Ash

5. True Inspiration

Final Words

That’s all for now. As a childhood fan of ASH & Pokemon, I hope he continues to win big tournaments. I would never want to see his winning streak anytime soon. Before concluding the post, I would like to ask your views on this win after 22 long years. What do you think?

Do let me know via the comments section given below.


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