Remember the days, when we all used to play race-race simply in anything. The race is been ever loved fun to attempt since childhood. Asphalt 9 game is absolutely race-based. The Asphalt 9 gameplay is an amazing car racing game. The graphics and car designs in the game are beyond imagination. The aura of the game gives you the simulation feel while playing. The game gives you the real sense of driving the race car on the road. If you are playing the game, for the first time, consider going through the Asphalt 9 guide. So that you can race like a pro.

Asphalt 9 Guide

The racing game like Asphalt 9 needs some tips and tricks, for a beginner to play. Here, I am sharing a few very useful Asphalt 9 tips, for the new beginner. Later, you can explore your own tricks, as you paly more.

Take Full Advantage of My Career Mode

In My career mode, you will find a blueprint of your car. Be careful while reading the blueprint of the car. You need to follow the steps and tasks likewise. The Asphalt 9 trick is, blueprint does not contain everything. There are multiple tasks at some point to be performed. Sometimes, in the blueprint, you won’t find it printed. Hence, be aware while playing. Don’t only depend on blueprints. But at the same time, don’t avoid blueprints.

Participate in Daily Events

Asphalt 9 level guide

If you are playing solo and are eligible to visit daily events, do visit them daily. There are different events, organized for weekdays and for weekends. Visit them, grab the blueprints and give a try. They are fun to explore. The one event which is focused on looting the cars is the one, you ought to try out.

Join a Club and Work With Other Players on milestones

Clubs are guilds in the terms of Asphalt 9 gameplay. You will have to join one of the clubs to gain more rewards. With those rewards and reputation points, you will achieve the car with the higher tier. Hence, join the club. befriend and interact with other players on the milestones. Well, reputation card, matters in the game. No point of acting introvert in the game.

Try Your Hand at Multiplayer

Asphalt 9 Guide

Asphalt 9 gameplay allows live multiplayer racing with up to eight players per race. Isn’t it simply wow! Invite all your friends and have some sync fun online. You can earn 3 blueprints per day, just by playing multiplayer. So why not play multiplayer and have fun and blueprints, both multiplied. The key is either to “git gud” and win races.  As you will get three cups for a win. But you will get one cup just for playing. And rest two for coming in merits. Earn enough cups in an hour and avail the blueprint pack free.

Open Card Packs in the Shop

The shop will offer you a free pack of blueprint cards every four hours. And these packs will open a new mobile game for you. Also, gets you more cars unlocked, with the help of packs. Packs will give you more blueprints. Otherwise, you can also go for rare cars, by shopping them with tokens. However, be careful while spending your hard earned token.

Cherry Pick Individual Blueprints in the Legend Store

asphalt 9 guide

There is an option with you to buy blueprints with credits or tokens. Mostly, blueprints will cost you tokens. They are expensive. Still, you can choose to give a try. Only if you have ample of tokens or credits to spend.

Video Guide To Play Asphalt 9


As you already know, the Asphalt 9 gameplay is damn amazing. Especially their graphics and car design, speed and other accessories and cool with amazing features. As a beginner, I recommend you to follow the Asphalt 9 tricks and tips as mentioned above. And let us know if they worked for you. Also, if you are a new player, do follow these asphalt 9 guide and drop your review, below in the comments. For more such information and updates, stay reading us.


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