Happn is a Local DATING app that has more than 50 million users with 4.3 stars rating on the Google Play Store. Happn app makes it easy for you to find people you’ve crossed paths with IN REAL LIFE.

Now, it is possible for you to interact with a person who caught your eye, but you didn’t dare to approach them. So, if you face the same problem, then happn app is made only for you. In this app, you can send likes to your crush without letting them know. Isn’t it Amazing?

happn app

Amazing Features of Happn App

1. Match Profiles on the go: Unlike other dating apps, where you have to check several profiles. Happn uses GPS navigation to make sure that it works at blazingly fast speed. Suppose, you are at a Dominos outlet then this app will GPS to provide real-time notification of people that are available in that area. Besides, it is possible that you might have met them in the past. Now, all you have to do is send them a ‘charm’ and wait for their response. You’re all set, once you receive a response.

2. Unlimited Options- As I told you that Happn uses GPS to locate people and then send real-time notifications to you. So, if you are in a crowded place, then you must expect several alerts during the day.

3. Common Interests- Well, Happn doesn’t give you notifications about any random guy or girl you met at a place. You will only see the profiles that match some common points of your interests. So, make sure to keep this in mind when creating a happn account.

4. Sync Social Media- Happn allow you to sync your profile with your Spotify and Instagram account. This can help another person find more about your social life.

5. No Creeps- Happn provides a Geo-tagging feature that helps you find people within the 800-m radius of yours. It will never tell you the exact location of a person. By providing this feature, happn protects you from perverts and creeps.

6. Free-to-use- You can download this app for free from the Google Play Store. However, to use some features, like “Say Hi”, you must use real money to purchase the premium subscription of this app. Besides, at the time of sign up, you can get these features for limited use.

How Does Happn App Work?

It’s simple:

1. Access the profile of anyone with whom you crossed paths in real life. However, the other person must have a profile on the Happn dating app.

2. Check your Timeline and see the number of people you have crossed the path. In addition to this, you can see that how many times, at what time and where you crossed paths with a particular profile.

3. If you like someone’s profile or have a crush than happn app allows you to send a secret like to them. One thing you must know that that your crush won’t know about you unless they like you back. So, don’t worry and keep sending likes to your crush and hope for one day to connect with someone.

4. You Like each other? Then use the right words to start your conversion and show off your writing skills to your crush.

5. Want to check your Fate? Try playing Crushtime game that makes you guess that which profile liked you back among the number of profiles you have crossed paths with before.

Avoid These Mistakes to Get Your Crush

Are you tired of getting a rejection on Happn dating App? Well, then read these seven mistakes that you must avoid when using the Happn app.

  1. Don’t pout – It doesn’t look good when you take selfies with duck face and then post them on social media sites. It seems ridiculous, so, just stop doing it.
  2. Limit Pictures Posting – No one on happn cares that you have several friends and you stay together with all of them. The only they want is to know more about you. So, don’t post too many photos with your group.
  3. Keep it up to date – Regularly update the pictures of your happn profile. No one like to see your 5-10 years old pics. So, I recommend you keep photographs for up to 18 months and delete or hide remaining pics.
  4. Show Your Hobbies- The best thing you can do to get the attention of your crush is to show them some of your hobbies or activity that you love doing in your free time. You can do this, to display your personality to your crush.
  5. Being funny is allowed – Impress your crush with your sense of humour. You can make a joke or post a funny picture on the happn site.
  6. Smile in at least one photo – Post only those pictures that have your smiling face. More people get attracted to a happy face.
  7. Reply in Short– Never reply to your crush with long answers. You must keep your answer short and snappy. Otherwise, it will look like as if you have too much time in your hands. As a pro, I advise you to always try ending your chat with a question.

Download Happn App

Happn is available on both the Android and iOS device and the download procedure for both of them is quite easy.

Android Smartphone

  • Click On this Download Button, and you will be redirected to Happn App on the Google Play Store.
  • Tap on Install to start the downloading process.
  • Open the app, once the installation is completed.
  • Fill the required details.
  • Now, you can use happn app in your Android Smartphone

iOS Device

  • Click On this Download Button, and you will be redirected to Happen App on the App Store.
  • Tap on Install to start the downloading process.
  • Open the app, once the installation is completed.
  • Fill the required details.
  • Now, you can use the happn app on your iPhone or iPad.

Final Say

On a final note, I would say that Happn is giving a tough competition to other dating apps that are available on app stores. As for me, I really liked its real-time tracking feature that allowed me to connect with my instant crush on the go. Moreover, if you want to impress your crush than always try to avoid the mistakes that I mentioned above. Besides, if you any question that you want to ask then let me know via the comment section.


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