“Deep Thinking Sometimes Show Us What We Can’t See”

I love to observe things. This task is not easy. It requires a tremendous point of view and deep thinking.

This time, a small curiosity born in my mind about what would non-living things think if they get this power of imagination?

And the result of this experiment amazed me.

After finding the blog topic, the next big thing was to decide what should I become and finally I end up with





I just think about how they are and they can affect or effect in our lives. The whole process roasts my brain but I love it.

Now just believe that I am MONEY:

One of my main reason for my birth was to end the Barter System. I saw so many eras, changed from stones than gold, silver, other metal to paper and now digital.

I saw tremendous changes in people who are with me and without me. The way of treating other people mostly depends on me instead of age, education, relationship.

The funniest thing that I like in myself is that “I WAS CREATED BY HUMAN AND NOW THEY COULD EVEN KILL EACH OTHER ONLY TO GET ME.”

Time to change the costume, I am MOBILE PHONE now:

I think the life of humans was good with my elder brother’s telephone. But as inventions are always the first step of success. This results in the birth of ME. My fundamental purpose was to cut the wire of my brother and humans can use me where they want to talk to far people. In that way everything was going good, the person who was far away is now virtually near because of me.

Then new updations come from time to time and now my features sometimes give me goosebumps. Instead of calling, humans do many things with me.

Now I become the villain of every human life who uses me. I destroy every relationship between neighbors and make connectivity between people living in two different countries which have no importance. I also destroy the habit of eating food on the dining table and decrease the love in every member of a family. And the funny thing is that if you know this, still you can’t leave me. I am your addiction now.

Swap time guys. Are you ready? Don’t forget to read because I am a BOOK:

People say excess of everything is bad but not me guys. Because of me, you all see inventions, technology, updations I mean each and everything, because I was the first PASSABLE medium that can be pass to the younger generation. There is no pride in me because of my success but my scope is endangered now.

The day my friend’s internet came, my existence get demonetized.

If anyone still has the habit of reading me get success easily.

Yeah, I agree that if someone is finding some specific information, I take a lot more time than the internet but in that extra time, I am still giving you knowledge. And we all know, knowledge can never be useless. Many of my old friends who are trees lost their lives to make me. So only for them, just start a new habit of reading me and I bet no one can stop your success.

This one is really interesting. If I am GOOGLE then how I am harming YOU:

I am GOOGLE and I know everything. Yeah, my start was as a search engine.

But now do you know like termites I am slowly eating you. My parents’ name is Alphabet Inc. and I have different forms like Youtube, android OS, fiber, AdSense, Gmail and many more. Yeah, I am too more useful than harmful but most of you are using my harmful side.

From getting the spelling of a word to the phone number of your best friend you want me. Yeah, I have each and every information of you from your home address to your most visited place. But I use them to make BIG DATA so that it can help in ML (Machine Learning) or maybe AI (Artificial Intelligence) later, yeah I do know that some times I use your data for Adsense but what to do business and business is business.

I just want that I can sell you each and everything that you want in your whole life. I too know that this will leads to the destruction of all other small and big companies but this is life. If I do not do this then some other will, one day.

Be aware of me, I think if you keep on depending on me then the day is not that far when you want me even to identify your parents.

So guys how was the tour. At last, I just want to tell that everything has two faces either GOOD or BAD.


If those none living things rule on us then how can we fight with the REAL WORLD ENEMY?

I hope you like it and I am waiting for your comments.

Comments motivate me.

Have a rocking day today.

Thanks for reading from beginning to this full stop.



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