Is it only the duty of the men at the border to safeguard the nation?

Why are we taking independence, civil rights, and the national peace for granted?

As per the report of the World Health Organization of 2013,63 million Indians are diabetic and every 1 out of 3, suffer from heart ailments and the causes are very common to us:- sedentary lifestyle.

What if, every young man and woman knows how to stay mentally and physically fit and has the 7 basic traits of an Army individual:-

7 Basic Traits of an Army Individual

  1. Loyalty                                       4.) Selfless service                        7.) Personal Courage
  2. Duty                                            5.)Honor
  3. Respect                                      6.) Integrity

Now, clearing the general misconceptions about the military service, also known as draft or constriction.

General Misconception of Army Training

  1. It is the induction of youth (mostly males) for army training upon completion of a certain age or educational qualification.
  2. Generally, a fully-fledged training of 6 months to 2 years is given and then the young men and women are sent to reserve forces for a couple of years.
  • Whereas, in countries like the US, UK, Spain, and Canada; members of reserved forces are civilians who maintain military skills by training, typically one weekend a month.
  • So far, 32 countries including Brazil, Egypt, North Korea, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine have made military training mandatory. In Norway, it is compulsory for both men and women to go training.

Now, you all must have been wondering; what if someone is handicapped, psychologically unfit or doesn’t wish to undergo military training?

Then, in some countries like Austria; Zivildienst or an exemption is given from military service where people have to work with hospitals and charity organizations.

Why is this necessary when we have?

1.4 million active personnel

2.1 million reserve personnel

1.3 million paramilitary personnel

The mandatory military training would DEAL AS PER THE SMART POLICY:

     S– Shortage(It would combat shortage)

     M– Mental or psychological grooming ( A man with a strong mind can conquer any adversity)

     A– Attitude(It imbibes loyalty, courage)

     R–     A reserved force for any adverse condition

     T – Training for fitness

It also has an added advantage, we would have more young men and women into the army and we will get the truly interesting ones. Therefore, better defense.

Army training can’t be described in words and the impact it holds on the mind.

Let me quote the example of General VK Singh:- Ex-chief of army staff and MoS for External Affairs who spearheaded operation:- RAAHAT which aimed to evacuate Indian men and women from Yemen. Only a disciplined army man can handle such situations.

Well, it has other hosts of benefits also like:-

Benefits of Army Training

+ Decreasing expenditure on health.

+ Increasing patriotism when like urban Naxalism and sleeper cells among the educated youth are heard.

But, the challenges need to be dealt with effectively:-

  1. We need to develop an efficient, transparent system so that all the youth can be easily incorporated.
  2. The norms and duration of training need to be discussed thoroughly, especially for women.
  3. What if everyone will be in the army, then who will earn and pay taxes to make the army work?

This idea is at the nascent stage yet in South Asian countries like India, we an altogether different family system, burgeoning population along with the other host of hurdles that it holds. But every problem is meant to be solved.

I would like to sum up saying a very popular line:-

“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.”



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