Virtuality reality is the latest terms which enable you to feel the actual environment of any game, movies or sports etc. For grabbing this experience you have to expend lots of money on Oculus Rift, and Play station. But did you ever imagine that you can get the virtual experience without spending a Penny? Yes, Of course, you can achieve this effect without spending on virtual devices. There are plenty of apps which can give you a more appealing Virtual effect when compared with VR headsets. If you are in search of such apps for Android and iOS devices then you are in right place. Here I will describe the best free VR apps to enjoy virtual reality.

Best 3 Free VR Apps

Although there are lots of free VR apps I picked the best ones for you. So take a look below to be familiar with them:

1.Google Cardboard

free vr apps

Let’s discuss our initial app which gets a higher rank in the best free VR apps list, Google Cardboard, earliest app made for virtual reality. If you want to ingress to the world of virtual reality and observe the wonderful features of this technology then it is the best app for you. It is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download it for free. Google Cardboard contains a large number of in-app and video attires for your endless fun. You can amalgamate it with Google maps, where you can navigate the world through 360-degree videos. Although new apps are coming day by day no one can outrank the Google Cardboard.

2. Discovery VR

free vr apps

First of all, tell me to do you love to watch Discovery channel to enhance your wildlife awareness? If yes then our next best VR games will definitely grab your attention as it is the official app of Discovery channel. But currently, it is available for both Android and iOS devices. You must require Android  4.0 and iOS 7 to run it on your devices. Although the app doesn’t support all the Discovery stuff you come through the plenty of VR content to enjoy.

As you know Discovery channel is popular for its exploration of the amazing environment and tough to reach spots. Via this app, you come across the huge number of videos in various environment and also permits you to explore your hard to reach places. So guys be ready to explore the world via Discovery VR.

3.Dino Trek VR

free vr apps

Many times my kids used to ask me, Mamma how could one survive in the Dino-era? Was it an interesting experience or the scary one? I was really confused to answer their questions but now I can show them virtually with the Dino Trek VR, the best free VR game. The app permits you the perfect appearance of the Dinosaur world. There are two different modes for your fun, Normal mode to wander in a jeep and explore different sized Dinosaurs and the second one is the Fun size mode via which your kid come across the toy-sized Dino.

One of the best free VR apps in terms of knowledge and entertainment as it shows how can be alive among the Dinosaurs. You can also watch it via your VR devices. This app gives you the perfect knowledge of Dinosaurs like their eating habits, inhabitation, how they live and lots more. This app is specially created for kids and also for Dino enthusiastic.

Final Verdict

Folks, these were the best free VR apps to take you into the virtual era. If you want to enjoy the virtual era then these apps will definitely help you to enjoy this latest technology without spending on VR headsets. Discovery VR is the creation of Discovery channel to navigate to the new destinations. Dino-Trek VR puts you into the Dinosaurs world and Google cardboard has its own specialty. So the choice is yours which one you select to enjoy the virtual reality. Still, any query then comments below and if you want to know about any particular VR app then ask us without any hesitation. For more facts stay tuned with us.



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