Do you remember the first time Pokémon hit the shelves in Japan? It was 1996 and ever since the craze for Pokemon Fighting Games has soared. Why?

Because Pokémon gave gamers an imagination that unbeatable in terms of gaming experience. Rolled out in an animal like world with creatures that have special magic power, and you have to capture them all to battle forwards. That’s the beauty of Pokemon battle games, it gives you the art of storytelling and gaming experience.

There are many kinds of Pokémon games but the battle game sis what really makes this game franchise even more interesting.

Here you go then.

Best Pokemon Fighting Games

There are two types of Pokémon battle games that you will find here. One is the turn based battle games and the other is the 2D/3D battle games of Pokémon.

Best Pokemon Fighting Games

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

pokemon fighting games

This is an excellent game with amazing graphics and provides a very stable environment to battle your friends. You can also go head to head with Pokémon inbuilt trainers and have some amazing battle goals to unlock along the way.

Pokemon Colosseum 

Pokemon Fighting GamesOrre’s land is invaded by alien enemies like Team Snagem, and they want to steal all the Pokémon from the trainers. What’s really different in this Pokémon fighting game is that you don’t get to start off an a newbie and train your way up.

You get an  Espeon and an Umbreon to start your battles as an already skilled trainer. With phenomenal graphics and excellent user friendly navigation and consoles, you know this game is a sure treat.

Pokémon Stadium 

Pokemon fighting games

Pokémon stadium is the first generation video game on Nintendo to bring the hand handled console to the Pokémon world. Apart form that, it is also the first game to show Pokémon in 3D.

Pokémon Rumble

Pokemon fighting games

This is another set of Pokémon verse games that are built to keep you battling in their words and collect as many Pokémon’s as you can. Available on Nintendo you can have your own console and just keep unlocking every levels in here.

Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs 

Pokemon fighting gamesPokémon pinchers are all around in the Pokémon world. And, it is up to you to keep the peace and save all the Pokemons. Along side the amazing graphics of nature you know you will be spending hours protecting your Pokemons there.

You get the maximum of four player in a closely connected Nintendo and battle away to protect your Pokemons and Pokémon world.

Pokkén Tournament

Pokemon fighting games

This is state of the art Pokémon fighting game introduced on Nintendo. Choose your levels, and choose your favorite Pokémon and team up against other Pokemons to see who wins.

It is a fairly simple game with many battle modes to choose from. You can have hand handled console and share it with friends and battle other Pokemons. This is also the first time Nintendo Switch is getting the Pokémon fighting games. With excellent graphics and multiple power sin the battle levels, you can play this amazing Pokémon storyline.


Well those were our best Pokémon Fighting games available that you should be playing right now. If you are looking for Pokémon games then the best ones are still the Pokémon battle games.


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