Looking for hidden and secure messaging apps?

Talking about messaging apps, the first thought that I get is about the end to end encrypted apps – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Google Duo, Facetime.

But do you know what is the drawback of these apps?

These apps are monitored. Yes, these apps are being monitored by their own specific companies. That’s why I feel these apps are not so secure as suggested by the owners of the companies.

For a moment you can say Google and Apple are quite reliable for data management but Facebook?

Well, you know Facebook owns WhatsApp, so, they share very much features.

But there are many other hidden, secret and popular apps that you can try in 2020. They are not just secured also they hide the chats that you want to keep personal.

Now your surprise party can be a surprise by these following apps:

1. Hike

India based app is completely free to use and available on Play Store. The platform introduces you to several features like hike Direct, hike wallet, hike ID, hike Web, hike stickers and for privacy, it gives the option of Hidden Mode.

Top 5 Hidden & Most Secure Messaging Apps 2020 1

The mode focuses on 15-24 year user. Once the mode is enabled the user doesn’t get any notification about the chat. So, you can say the feature lets you keep everything secret elegantly.

2. Telegram

One of the free apps available on Play Store, let’s you keep yourself hidden and keep your chat hidden. The condition that the app gives you is your age limit. It is rated for the user of 17 years and older. The feature ‘secret chat’ allows you to update the chat with self-destructive messages once the chat is seen.

Top 5 Hidden & Most Secure Messaging Apps 2020 2

As a parent, you may don’t want your child to use it. As this self-destructive feature hides or deletes the chat and cannot be retrieved.

3. Viber

App from Japan can be downloaded free of cost from both the Google play store and the App Store. Viber provides you with an extra level of privacy with your chat experience.

It gives you the experience to keep both open and private chat on 1-to-1 chat. All you need is to start a new chat with the user you want too.

Top 5 Hidden & Most Secure Messaging Apps 2020 3

Viber also gives you the experience to control when to disappear your chat no matter the person, on the other hand, checks it or not. For notifications, it will notify you ‘message’ on clicking it from home page it will ask you to get into the app.

Such a fun keep everything safe.

4. Snapchat

Enjoy snap chatting? Then you must be aware that the United State Of America based application gives you the best experience.

Top 5 Hidden & Most Secure Messaging Apps 2020 4

SnapChat application is based on sharing images, videos and chats with the people. It allows you to reach people all over the world and enjoy sharing cute photos. And don’t worry about privacy because the application is already determined. It allows any image, video and message to stays for 24 hours, you have to save the data manually.

5. Signal

One of the best-encrypted application developed by the developers to keep the data safe at the glance. The app supports privacy from all the ends from one-to-one client to its own server.

Top 5 Hidden & Most Secure Messaging Apps 2020 5

Before, you download any of the secure messaging apps be careful about the purpose you want to use these apps for.

Security & privacies are your rights but maintaining respect with others is their right.

If you use any other secure apps tell us about them, I will feature it in my next article. If you want someone else to read this article share it with them.


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