Winter is the time for comfort, for food and for warmth. But have to work throughout the season and handling all of your work? What if, you can enjoy the winter even at your office.

It sounds so awesome if we can actually do it. Here are a few tips that I will share with you to keep yourself warm but what is actually happening that weather is playing with us.

Climatic Changes

Let me take you to the era of the Industrial Revolution. One of the most important developments that humans can ever do. In the early days, many kids and adults complained about fluorosis which was actually one of the early signs the human can ever get from the side of nature.

Later, in 1800, the Industrial Revolution got on the pace, anyone can even imagine about. The kind invented a lot of things like tyres, the first car, railway engine etc. We started stealing our utilities from nature.

The era of 1900, saw many other inventions in the industries. But something that was supposed to be noticed after 1942’s Nagasaki Nuclear attack was the adverse effect on the environment.

In 1900, humankind invented Plastic bags to carry the products comfortably from one place to another. The plastic was invented with a drawback that it can’t be disposed of properly in any way. In the past two decades, plastic products occupied the whole earth. Many ways were tried to dispose of it from burning to sinking it in the oceans.

In the past four decades, there have been a lot of discussions over the emerging rate of global warming. As a result, change in the climate is very much seen by the sudden rise in weather issues like hot summer, flooded monsoons, frozen winters. So it is important to keep your body temperature moderate in all seasons.

It is the start of 2019 winters and weather scientists have already declared an environmental emergency. Northern parts of USA, virgin snowfall is already above 1 feet. Thus, it is mandatory to keep yourself warm in cold weather

Why Do We Need To Stay Warm In Cold Weather?

It’s winters outside, staying warm is your prime duty. Now, you must be thinking why do we need to stay warm?

Ever noticed nails going grey or blue?

Our body is 70% made up of water and 30% of blood vessels and tissues. As the temperature drops, the temperature of your body drops. It is because of water vessels present in your body.

If you don’t want to get hypothermia/frostbite then be warm.

How to stay warm in extreme cold weather?

Bored with long text and questions?

Now, you know where the problem has arisen and why you should stay warm. But the question here is, how?

Before opting anything, be careful about your health conditions.

Check out the tips that you can actually use:

1. Utilize Natural Shelters

Its Christmas and season of holidays, before you leave your home be careful, winters are not going to forgive you. It’s always good to be prepared, but what if you stuck suddenly somewhere you don’t have man-made shelters. Search for these natural shelters, you will definitely get anyone of them.

5 Best Ways To Stay Warm In Cold Weather 1
  1. Low growing Pines
    Look for pine trees near you. Trust me it is not just the inviting sight if you will spread these trees you can find a dry space to keep you safe.
  2. Large Deadfalls
    A toppled tree can be a good alternative to canopy if you don’t have fabricated canopy. Also, clear some branches for a fire to stay warm.
  3. Root cavity of large uprooted trees
    Naturally uprooted trees make a monster oak. During winter snow may cover the roots sand but will not be able to cover the hole left by the roots. Trust me, it will be cozy.
  4. Caves
    One of the oldest penthouse. These penthouses are being used since ages, our ancestors have also used it, to keep themselves safe and warm.

2. Carry layers of warm clothes

It is important while getting out of your home, you should be covered in layers of warm clothes. As its wintertime, it is important to keep yourself covered with Scarves, Warmer, sweaters, coats, socks and a good warm pair of shoes. Don’t forget about the cap.

3. Eat fat before sleep

Eating fat is gets quite important when we talk off guarding yourself against cold. Fat acts an insulator and helps the metabolism to maintain body temperature.

4. Use heat packs

Use heat packs, heat sheats and hot water bottles when nothing works to keep you warm.

5 Best Ways To Stay Warm In Cold Weather 3

5. Be active

It is important to burn calories. I understand it’s cold outside but staying active will help you in generating your own body heat.


It’s not hard to keep yourself warm. Just follow the mentioned steps and keep yourself warm and safe in any situation.

It is more recommended in emergency situations that keep yourself safe and stay at home so that you can have all the essentials with you in the hour of need.

If you find our article useful, let others get the benefit from this. Also, I will be waiting for your response what did you find the most beneficial and easy to use.


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