Finally, after almost 2 years, one of the most loved series on Netflix is all set to return with season 4.

Can you guess the name?

Well, it’s Better Call Saul, I’m talking here. Last year in January, I expected the release of 4th season on Netflix.

However, then came to a major disappointment as the release of Better Call Saul Season 5 on AMC was postponed to 2020 & as a result of this, better call saul season 4 Netflix release was also delayed to 2020 for Netflix US users.

I know it’s sad, as we had to wait for so long. Now that, we’re in 2020, Better Call Saul is all set to air its 1st episode of season 4 (Netflix) & Season 5 (AMC) on February 23, 2020.

There’s still some time left & in the meanwhile, you can binge-watch these 5 shows that’s quite similar to Better Call Saul on Netflix.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad
Better Call Saul Alternatives

This one’s obvious. Better Call Saul is a spin-off prequel to the Breaking Bad tv show.

So, I had to add this at the top, in my list of Better Call Saul alternatives. Breaking Bad TV show was created by Vince Gilligan & Peter Gould. Its 1st episode was aired on January 20, 2008, and after 5 successful seasons, the show finally concluded on September 29, 2013, with 62 episodes.

Now, coming to the plot, Breaking Bad is a story of a high school science teacher, Walter White. As the series starts, Walter is diagnosed with Terminal Lung Cancer & that’s when his journey began.

In this series, you get to know how a family man transforms into a drug lord kingpin. That’s not it. You can binge-watch this series right now on Netflix to find out more about him.

Ray Donovan

Better Call Saul Alternatives
Better Call Saul Alternatives

Ray Donovan is a crime drama television show that aired its 1st episode on February 23, 2013, & from the very 1st episode it had a positive impact on the Crime drama genre fans. Now, 7 years later in 2020, the 7 seasons have finally concluded.

You can binge-watch all the 82 episodes of the show anytime on Showtime. Now, coming to the premise, this show tells the story of Ray Donovan.

He works for a powerful law firm Goldman & Drexler. Although, the firm is taintless but the work Ray does for them is Black Collar. He would arrange payoffs, bribes, threats or any other illegal services to make sure, the rich & famous sets free with their desired outcome. Ray is a devoted family man who always gets into trouble, created by his father, Mickey Donovan.

On the other side, the FBI is hell-bent on bringing Ray & his associated to justice.

Who will win?

Ray or FBI? How he’ll deal with the problem created by his father?

Well, you can find an answer to all these questions only after watching it on Showtime.


Better Call Saul Alternatives

Here comes yet another AMC original tv show as a Better Call Saul alternative.

Earlier in 2016, when the 1st episode was aired, I avoided watching it.

However, soon I realized, how big of a mistake I made. Later I rectified my mistake by watching all the 4 seasons of the show in a go.

Yeah! you read it right, the show ended right after airing 4th season. The Preacher tv series has just 43 episodes that eve you can binge-watch in one sitting.

Now, the main question, why should you watch it? Well, then, here’s the reason, it’s Premise.

Read it carefully to fall in love with this Black Comedy-drama!

Preacher tv series tells the story of Jesse Custer. He is a kind of preacher, who loves to drink hard, smoke & chains. However, soon everything changes as he comes face to face with a crisis of faith.

As a result of this crisis, out of the blue, he gets an extraordinary power. Now, from this point onwards, his journey to better understanding the new power began.

But how it was possible?

Well, Jesse Custer believed that God…yes literally, will guide him in finding the missing puzzle.

That’s what the entire show is all about. So, what are waiting for, switch to AMC & get into the journey of Preacher along with his ex-girlfriend, Tulip & new vampire friend Cassidy.

Frequently Asked Questions | Better Call Saul Alternatives

Q – When the 4th season of Better Call Saul will release on Netflix?

A – Well, the 1st episode will air on February 23, 2020.

Q – When Better Call Saul Season 5 is releasing on Netflix?

A – Well, unlike last time, if everything goes right, then you can expect the 5th season to release anytime around February 2021.

Q – How many episodes there are in the Better Call Saul Season 4 & Season 5?

A – Both the seasons have the same no. of episodes, 10. However, the 6th & final season will have 13 episodes.

Final words

Mark 23 Feb 2020 in your calendar, as the show we’ll have been waiting for is going to release. As the release is coming closer, I’m getting a tad bit nervous.

Don’t worry if you’re feeling the same & till then spend your time in watching these classic Better Call Saul alternatives.

One thing is sure, you won’t ever regret watching them. That’s it for now.

Watch these 3 tv shows & do let me know what you like the most in them in the comments section given below.


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