When it comes to the game Blockheads you know it is worth your time. But, why buy it when you can easily get the Blockheads Apk download links here. That’s the whole point of having the leverage and getting to play Blockheads on all your devices.

MagicDave created the Blockheads game in 2013 for both Android and IOS. For those of you unaware, Blockheads is a game that includes an blockheaded avatar. Following can be done through the game:

the blockheads apk

1. Mountains, forests, desert and cave use your blockhead anywhere in the game.
2. Feed, snooze and make the blockheads survive.
3. Find resources using crafted tools
4. Unlock crafts
5. Make clothes, build palaces, cook, pain and ride a donkey, all with The Blockheads.

The Blockheads Apk Free Download

Download apk for the blockheads by following the steps provided below. This apk is for android. Also, this is the blockheads apk latest version
1. Using your browser click here.
2. The apkpure.com page for Blockheads will appear.
3. Find “download” option. Click on it. It is crucial for you to have a good internet connect.
4. The download might take some time since the blockheads apk 1.7.3 is little heavy.
5. After the download is complete. Click on the downloaded file.
6. Select “Install” to install the application
7. If you care finding difficulty installing, go to setting and allow “Unknown Sources”. Try installing again.
Open the game and enjoy playing.

The Blockheads Apk 1.7.2 Download

If you like the older game play here is how you can download Blockheads apk 1.7.2 version.
1. Click here, you’ll be direct to a new page though your default browser.
2. This is apk.watch page for the blockheads version 1.7.2 download.
3. Click on the “Download” option under the Blockheads logo.
4. A quick download would initiate.
5. If your browser asks to “keep” or “Discard” the file before downloading. Click on Keep.
6. Click on the downloaded file.
7. Click on install.
8. Wait for sometime to complete installation.
That’s how you’ll be ready to rock the game. The major difference between version 1.7.2 and 1.7.3 is a bug fix other than that the game is identical.

The Blockheads Apk Mod 1.7.3

Individuals interested in custom blockheads game with new feature, unlocked characters and levels the blockheads apk mod is best for them. 1.7.3 is the latest version however the blockheads apk mod, 1.7.2 is popular too. The blockheads apk unlimited crystals are also achieved through the mod. The steps to download either of them remains the same. You’ll just need to select one during the time of download or go through separate website

The steps include:

1. Using your browser to click here.
2. You’ll be directed to androidp1.com website to download “BLOCKHEAD MOD MUCH MONEY”.
3. Scroll down to find an option of “download apk 1.7.3” click on it to download the apk
4. Also, download “OBB cache” file.
5. Post download, install the application.
6. Go to file manager on your phone find the OBB file in the download section. Copy this OBB file, go to internal storage and paste it in the OBB folder.
You should be able to successfully run the MoD file.

Download The Blockhead apk mod 1.7.2

If you find the earlier version more compatible with your device. Or you find its experiences much better than version 1.7.3, follow these steps to download the blockheads apk mod 1.7.2

1. Using your browser visit this link
2. You’ll be direct to apk-mod.net’s blockhead 1.7.2 download page.
3. Amongst a lot of information, drang down to find the download option asks to Download Blockheads apk OBB version 1.7.2”. Click on it to download.
4. Also, find “The Blockheads 1.7.2 apk”. Click to download.
5. Follow the same process as above. Go to the downloaded OBB file, copy it from your download folder to OBB folder in your internal memory.
6. Now, install the game and enjoy.
7. Remember to allow “Unknown Sources” in your phone for installation.

Blockheads for PC

Gamers interested in getting the game onto your PC will need to follow the following steps:

1. Download an android emulator on your PC
2. The link will guide you to apk.koplayer.com
3. Download Koplayer (KOP) Android Emulator.
4. Download the blockheads apk
5. If your browser informs about security issue saying “ the application can harm your device” choose to “keep” the file. This will allow the download.
6. Once KOP is successfully installed drag the app to KOP.
That’s how you can play Blockheads game on your PC. The process required a fast internet connection.

Blockheads For Android

Blockheads game is also available on the Google Play store. To download follow the steps

1. Open Google play in your Android phone.
2. Search “blockheads”. Click on “ blockheads”.
3. Click on “Install”.
The application is free of cost however, there are in-app purchases. Android version should be above 4.1.

Blockheads For IOS

Apple users can also enjoy the blockheads game. Follow the link to download the game for IOS devices.

1. Go to Apple’s store
2. Search the store for “blockheads”
3. Click on the blockheads application
4. Click on “Install”.
The game runs well with latest IOS versions.

The Blockheads Account

Once you have successfully installed the application in any of the IOS/ Windows or Android devices. Next step would be to create an account.

1. For Android it will automatically sync with your Google play account.
2. Similar to Android, on IOS it will sync with your cloud account.
Select your avatar, create your username and customize your avatar. That’s it, enjoy the game.


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