Brawl stars is an all-new Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. It is really an entertaining game that has created a trend among users of different age groups. You can easily analyze the popularity as the game is having 5M downloads with a 4.5-star rating gained after 400k review on Google play store. Which is a great achievement isn’t? it the game is another hit from the house of Supercell that gave us some great games like Clash of Clans and Hay Day. At the time of launch that is 15 June 2017, The game Brawl stars were available for the iOS platform only.

But almost after a year later it is made available for Android as well on the eve of 26 June 2018. As per my opinion, it added to the popularity of the game and created a buzz. The reason behind this is the popularity and worldwide acceptance of the Android Operating System. Most recent on Right now, this is a great chance for you to get familiar with every aspect of the game as it helps you to enjoy and play this game efficiently.

Brawl stars
Brawl stars

Gameplay Of Brawl Star

As the game is started,  you play the role of a fighter who kills people as he gets gems on each killing. Right now there is a total of fifteen brawlers available for you to choose and play. Supercell from its last hit game Clash Royale divided the brawlers into four categories. And they are common, rare, epic, legendary. There are several ways to get a brawler including paying real currency for them. The game is fun, eye appealing, portrait style and you play along with different players.

Actually, Brawl stars is a certified Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game and most of the action takes place on a vertical sloping passageway made on earth but in trademark Supercell style. Do not underestimate with any other regular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game. As the game has new features and many traditional elements are absent which are seen in MOBA games. There are many gamers still having a discussion over its true categorization.

Now moving toward controls to move brawlers there are two types of controls are given which can be used separately.

  • Tap Mode – As you can expect from its name, tap mode enables you to control by just tapping on your mobile touch screen.
  • Joystick Mode – It gives you a small joystick kind of button at the bottom of your screen which is used to control your brawler.

You can still customise these two options in several ways to create a more personalised Multiplayer Online Battle Arena experience on your mobile device.

Multiple Game Modes

The game brawl stars offer several modes to play. You can easily pull up the four slots that display different modes and maps by selecting brawl tab at the bottom of the screen. The game modes are available for a different time duration some are valid for twelve hours and some for twenty-four hours only.

Each mode has its given objective and rules which you need to understand and follow. All Multiplayer Online Battle Arena fights will take place in the same place. The different modes of the game are as follows:

Let’s understand what these modes are and how you need to play them


Two teams are given blue and green colours and each team consists of three members only. You need to kill for around two and a half minutes. The one who kills most get a bounty of stars. By doing so, you help your brawler to increase its efficiency.

Smash and Grab

It is one of the most popular modes of the game. In this mode, teams are the same as the previous mode. But this time placed opposite to each other every few seconds mine produce some gems which you need to capture. Each team needs to protect there brawler and gems or you can attack and capture other team belonging to increase their number of gems.


In this one them holds a vault containing gems and the other team attacks in order to snatch the safe. While the team holding the vault needs to protect it in any condition.

Show Down

It is the only mode where you are not a part of a team and ten brawlers play independently till the death. Here you can show your skills and get more gems for free.

Brawlers and Their Pros and Cons

Do you know how to choose brawler? As all the brawlers are not the same. You need to unlock them by exploring higher levels of the game. Before making your choice you need to know how to use each type of brawler in a manner that it will enhance your playing skills. To make your life easier I have gone through with all the community tips which are really helpful for using a brawler effectively in the game. The information shared here will help you to learn about brawler things like specialities of brawlers, pros and cons and much more information.

The first thing you need to remember is brawlers are not officially categorized but their qualities spilt them to several types. By knowing their types you can develop your strategy to play the game effectively. Some brawlers will work well as a supportive hand of them, while others will work well in frontline battle, backup battle and so on. To know them better and understand how to use to enhance your playing skills let’s break them:



  • Shotgun great for counter support and area of control.
  • Incredible Ultimate helpful in immediate attacks and hit your ultimate to chain them together and make your way towards victory.


  • Shorter range.
  • Gets surrounded and flanked easily.



  • Powerful enough to work at shorter range.
  • Ability to break down a wall is great to surprise the opponent.


  • Not great at for long range.
  • Low Healing Potential.



  • Lobs attacks directly on the wall.
  • Two dynamite can easily take down enemies easily.
  • By defeating two enemies you get powerful explosive along with will full recharge.


  • Tricky to land hits use manual aim to blast enemies the auto hit doesn’t work great.
  • Needs to hide behind cover.



  • Shotgunner is good for short ranges.
  • Great for Guerilla attacks. Wait in the bush when enemies stop to reload attack them to blast.  
  • Auto-aim works great at close range.


  • Due to short range wait and watch for enemies bullet counter and attack which is time-consuming.

You can also list out the advantages and disadvantages of other brawlers as well. Here I have provided the observations I made on the brawlers given above. You can also join a club as these are great to provide a team to play the game. Just try the game to win it fast and enjoy.

Download Procedure

For Mobile

  • Download for from the given link for Android device.
  • For iOS devices Download from the given link.
  • After following the link tap on Install option.
  • After download installation will take place automatically.
  • As installation completes the game icon will appear in the device menu.
  • Tap on the Brawl Stars icon and follow the instructions.
  • You are all set to enjoy the game.

For Pc

  • Get an Android Emulator for your Pc.
  • Download Blue Stacks (Android Emulator) from the given link.
  • Drag Brawl Stars apk file into an emulator.
  • Install the file by using the emulator.
  • You are all done to enjoy the game on your Pc.


Hey guys, Here I have given the game modes, rules and how to play along with a download procedure. Now you are ready to play Brawl stars and enjoy it with full go. Yes, you can feel stupid while playing the game but it is a lot fun and much needed to kick out the stress of your life.   

I would love to hear from you about what do you like? What are your expectations, what things you want us to change or modify? So run towards the comment box and fill it up with all of your love and support.      





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