Undoubtedly, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni or MS) is one of the greatest men to ever play the sport of cricket. Do you know – why I count him as a greatest? Here are top 5 reasons:

5 Reasons Why MS Dhoni is Best Player Ever in Sport of Cricket?

  1. Quick Stumping Ability & Most Stumping in International Cricket
  2. Only captain to win all the ICC Trophies whether it’s T-20 World Cup, ODI World Cup, Champions Trophy
  3. Cricketing Abilities – Have you ever seen him while running around the wicket? How do you feel about his running? Isn’t that so quick?
  4. Dhoni’s Finishing Ability – Why he came at position No 5th or 6th? Can’t he play more? Are you kidding me? He is the one who had taken responsibility of 1.3 billion Indian’s happiness and started his career after Sachin & Dravid refused to captaincy.
  5. Captain Cool – MS Dhoni (Finishes off in the style)

He joined the field of gentleman’s game at the age of 23 and has played alongside some of the biggest legends. His sheer intelligence both behind the wickets and as a captain is par excellence. And also, how can his style of finishing a game can be kept off the table? He has done it in matches where you can do nothing but love him for how brilliantly he pulls it off. Truly, a magical finisher. And a brilliant wicketkeeper as well.

Tribute To MS Dhoni by TVF Pitchers

In this video, Virat Kohli showed support to MS Dhoni and make him realized that he is best finisher ever in the history of Indian Cricket. Finally, Dhoni responed to all their critics who said “Dhoni izz old” etc.

For all those of you who missed out the recent lightning fast stumping by Dhoni, here’s how he got Ross Taylor when he didn’t even step out of the crease. Confusing enough? See the video below:

Recent Sensation by MS Dhoni:

To every critics, After this stumping and Dhoni’s recent performance of 51, 55*, 87*, 48*, Dhoni is Like:

Why MS Dhoni - The Star Player of Indian Cricket Fastest Than Speed of Light 1 Isn’t it magical to see how fast Dhoni responds when he catches the ball? Well, that’s just one of the specialties of this Jharkhand lad. In his recent innings with New Zealand, Dhoni proved the haters that he can still park the ball outside the ground and can stump the opponents when they aren’t even expecting. Following are the memes doing the rounds of the internet lately. “Jai Ho!!!”

MS Dhoni Faster Than Speed of Light Meme

Do you think it’s the only time he did it? If yes, check out his insane wicket keeping skills:

MS Dhoni Insane Wicket Keeping Skills

MS Dhoni has been a part of the Indian Cricket Team for a long time and in less than three years when he joined the team, he grabbed the mantle of India’s captain in limited over sides. All this happened despite the presence of heavyweights in the team. Soon after this, he took the reins of the Test captaincy from Anil Kumble and who knew, India was on their way to greatness, yet again. However, this lad from Jharkhand made the captain-batsman-wicketkeeper position his own and timely proved how good the decision of the selection committee was. In the year 2019 itself, Dhoni has a 50+ average.

What Uthappa Said about MS Dhoni

Why MS Dhoni - The Star Player of Indian Cricket Fastest Than Speed of Light 2 You just can’t kid with this player. And as Uthappa said,

Dhoni has done everything possible as a captain to give not only his team but also his country a number of reasons to celebrate. Don’t forget the World T20 win where everyone just jumped off their chairs, World Cup 2011, Champions Trophy 2013, or bagging the first place in Test ranking, Dhoni has done it all.

And we as Indians, couldn’t be more thankful to him. Not only this, but he impressed the nation with his skills behind the wickets as well. It was almost as if the guy’s wicketkeeping skills are leveling up each passing day. The lightning-fast stumping, impossible catches, quick run-outs were some of the reasons why Captain Cool is a brilliant wicketkeeper. See for yourself some of the best and fastest stumpings by MSD. Honestly, it is hard being an umpire when Dhoni’s playing. See for yourself.

For a star cricketer that Dhoni is and considering the milestones he has achieved, Dhoni is still humble and a deep-rooted man who started his career as a small boy from a small town of Jharkhand. In his entire career, where some of his teammates were in constant controversies, Dhoni tried keeping himself away from it. He tried his best to tackle any situation as calmly and politely as possible without making a fuss out of it. The reason why he is the gentleman of the gentleman’s game. No questions whatsoever. And to prove how calm he is on field, this clip from India vs Bangladesh match is the living example.

However, Dhoni left captaincy a year and a half ago but the fact that there is still no cricketer who comes even near to some of his records shows how brilliant a captain he was. The Captain Cool has created some really tough-to-break records and it would be interesting to see who has the genius mind and sharp on-field strategies like Dhoni to rename the set milestones.

Let’s delve into some facts about this legend:

21 Facts about MS Dhoni Which Makes Him Legend

  1. Dhoni was born on 7th July 1981 in Ranchi, Jharkhand. He studied at DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir and had a keen interest in sports since his childhood.
  2. Most people didn’t know that the former Indian skipper, before joining cricket full-time, was a master at both football and badminton. He played at the club and district level in both badminton and football.
  3. Dhoni was really good at goalkeeping and his childhood coach Keshav Bannerjee suggested him to try his hand in wicketkeeping. If you have seen “M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story”, you have seen it, didn’t you?
  4. Life wasn’t all good for the captain cool. From 2001 to 2003, he used to work as a Travelling Ticket Examiner (TTE) at Kharagpur Railway Station. Working during day, and practicing after the duty. The struggle was real!
  5. Dhoni got rejected from the East Zone Team (who won the Deodar Trophy in 2004) claiming that he had an unconventional style of playing.
  6. While playing in the Sheesh Mahal Tournament, he used to get Rs.50 from his coach Deval Sahay for each six he hit.
  7. MSD is known for his love and passion for motorcycles, and it started at a very young age. Now, he owns an elusive range of bikes ranging from oldies to the exclusives.
  8. The famous ‘Helicopter Shot’ was taught to him by his friend Santosh Pal during a tennis ball tournament in Ranchi.
  9. Dhoni made his international ODI debut against Bangladesh in Chittagong where he got run out from the very first ball he faced.
  10. Dhoni has 9496 runs etched to his name in 296 ODIs with an average of 51.32. He is also the second highest run scorer as a wicketkeeper in ODIs following by Sanggakara. In Test cricket, his bat hit 4876 runs in 90 matches with 33 fifties and 6 hundreds. Virat Kohli took the mantle of captain as Dhoni retired from Test Cricket in 2014.
  11. He is known to be the fastest and the best stumper of the game. (Faster than laser of light)
  12. Despite being one of the most successful Indian captain, Dhoni also holds the record for most number of Test defeats overseas (15).

Why MS Dhoni - The Star Player of Indian Cricket Fastest Than Speed of Light 3 Amazing, right? Well, the records set by our own captain cool are more interesting than the facts you just read.

13. The former Indian skipper holds the best batting average of 54.58 among all the captains who have led their teams in 100 plus ODIs. Ricky Ponting (42.91) and Stephen Fleming (32.78) are way too behind. and holds the second and third spot respectively.

14. Dhoni’s 50.96 is the highest best batting average in ODIs of all batsmen having more than 5,000 runs. He also holds the best batting average record among players with average more than 10,000 runs. Also, the only player to sleep on the field.

Why MS Dhoni - The Star Player of Indian Cricket Fastest Than Speed of Light 415. Remember the super-fast stumping where you blink your eye and Dhoni gets his man? He has stumped out the opponents for 155 times, which is a world record. Kumar Sangakkara (139) holds the second spot.

16. He is also the first wicketkeeper in the world to have done 100 ODI stumpings.

17. Dhoni has scored 183* against Sri Lanka which is the highest score by a wicketkeeper.

18. He also holds the title for having most ODI runs when batting at number 6.

Why MS Dhoni - The Star Player of Indian Cricket Fastest Than Speed of Light 519. We all remember Rahul Dravid and why he was called ‘The Wall’. However, Dhoni was ‘A Wall’ on his own. He holds the record for most number of unbeaten knock (120) in International cricket history. He overtook Muttiah Muralitharan who held the record at 119 unbeaten knocks.

20. It’d be hard to count the matches where Dhoni hit sixes to finish the match/innings. And accept it or not, we all jumped off our chairs when we saw captain cool guiding the ball out of the ground with his signature ‘Helicopter Shot’. But, do you know this man also holds the record for most international sixes as captain (204)? Feel glad if you did. Here’s the six that made the whole India crazy!

Truly, an exceptional player gifted by exceptional abilities to control the on-field game. There are a number of records set by our favorite captain. It is just not possible to list all of them at once. These were the best ones. and you know what our captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni is too much funny too and a lot of time we found it while doing commentary during wicket keeping:

MS Dhoni in his Best Funny Style:

21. Also, don’t forget he has played the highest number of international matches as a captain (322).

Concluding Lines – What’s Your View?

These records are tough to break, but the game of cricket is full of uncertainties and records are meant to be broken. And we may have someone who’ll replace these records.


There is one Mahendra Singh Dhoni. And there always be one. What’s your take on it? Can anyone replace MS Dhoni?



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