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Have you ever heard of Clash of Clans? Well, it’s a popular strategy game that has taken the Android world by storm and is increasing in its popularity with every passing day ever since its first public appearance. And, if you have already played it on your mobile device you’d definitely be crazy about it. But have you ever faced any restrictions on your in-game resources like Gems, Gold, Elixir, etc? Well, that’s the story of every single COC enthusiast.

But you don’t really need to worry about that at all. Clash of Lights gives you the solution to this long-existing problem that COC fans are often seen complaining about. Haven’t heard of it before? Here is a complete guide for you to describe every single thing about COL in detail.

What Is Clash Of Lights?

Clash of Lights is basically a custom server for the popular Clash of Clans that is emulated with C# Emulator. It is a mod apk app for the popular Clash of Clans game which is mostly similar to the original game but has its own few differences. COL uses different servers and the major difference between the mod version and the original game is that the mod offers limitless resources which is what all the COC fans have always wanted.

Whether you talk about any troop or any resource, you can utilize it without any limits whatsoever. Besides, there are some heroes introduced by COL including Dragon King and PEKKA Queen. Playing COL is no different than playing the original Clash Of Clans game as it offers you exactly the same experience, and with something extra.

What Is Meant By Mod APK?

Mod APK is, basically, some type of alteration made to the original video game. Most mods are built around changes made to the way a certain game behaves or looks. And, same is the case with Clash of Lights mod apk. It gives you access to an unlimited number of resources so that you can enjoy the Clash of Clans game to the fullest. Technically, you are not actually playing COC but you are playing it. The simple reason is that the interface and the gameplay are almost the same in both the versions of the game. In fact, when you launch Clash of Lights on your Android/iOS device, the first interface that you see has a Clash of Clans written in it with the same graphics.

What Private Server Options Are Available?

There are quite a few clashes of clans private servers available these days. The ones on top of the list include the following:

Clash Of Phoenix

This is a popular private server for the Clash of Clans war strategy game. You can download the apk for both iOS and Android. The server is known to be a reliable one with zero crash possibilities and lag time

Clash Of Magic

It’s one of the latest trending private servers for the popular clash of clans game. With more than 1 million gamers already using Clash of Magic, there are 4 different server options available each with its own set of unique features.

Smart Clash Of Clans

Another popular private server on the list, it’s regularly updated to ensure all latest COC features are available to the gamers. It’s full speed optimized as well and offers an ultimate gaming experience.

So, get one of the clash of clans private servers and enjoy an unrestricted gaming experience that is more fun than ever.

How To Install Clash Of Lights?

Here are the steps that you need to follow for installing COL on your Android device.

  1. Download the Clash of Lights COC apk to begin with.
  2. Launch the downloaded file and unzip it with an appropriate tool.
  3. Now you will be prompted to trust the unknown sources, just confirm to continue.
  4. If a pop-up window doesn’t show up and the progress is halted, you can do so manually as well. Just open Settings and go to Security section where you can allow unknown sources.
  5. The installation will continue and once it’s completed, you can start playing the game with unlimited resources.

As Clash of Lights COC is a private server for the game, it gives you access to all the resources and everything else completely for free. It will certainly revamp the overall gaming experience and you will have enough of everything to progress in the game without any possible delays. It is the best server and you will love it.

Who Should Play Clash Of Lights?

Anyone who wants to enjoy the COC game without any kind of limits and restrictions should go for this hack and download COL right away. If your resources have been an issue for you in making progress with your Clash of Clans endeavors then you must gain access to unlimited resources and extra Clash of lights features by downloading the mod apk to your Android device.

Where To Download Clash Of Lights?

Even though you can download Clash of Lights apk through different online sources but The Clash Of Lights is your best bet!



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