Decoys: Best Use In Fortnite Season 3

We offer you new tricks for Fortnite season 3, among which are a very particular use for tricks, a way to recharge all our weapons at the same time and other basic advantages for your games.

Fortnite season 3 is already well advanced, although there is still a lot of summers to take advantage of it and with the next batch of tricks that we are going to offer you.

These cheats are quite easy to perform for Fortnite season 3, we explain them one by one so you have no doubts about it.

Location of the secret mushroom

Although it is not yet present in normal games, you will be able to locate the secret mushroom in modalities such as a battle laboratory specifically in the southern area of ​​Alameda Afligida, in this area of ​​the map.

Decoys: Best Use In Fortnite Season 3
Decoys: Best Use In Fortnite Season 3

Trigger a glitch with the reset vans

For this, we need a reset card from one of our colleagues, and also a charging station that we can position on any of these vans. In this way, if we position the weapon upgrade station in the same place where our companions appear in the van restarted, we will see that the character that has revived will remain hanging but immune on top of the van.

New use for lure

For this, we need a jump platform that we will place on the ground, and then the lure on it. In this way, we will make the enemies believe that we are the ones who are jumping on said platform and they will begin to shoot the lure.

Use of the mat

In case you did not know, if you throw a mat to any of the enemy’s defensive structures, especially the 4×4, you can knock it down in a very easy way.

Reload all weapons at the same time

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to reload all the weapons, what you can do is heal yourself, and while this animation is active, throw all the weapons on the ground and pick them up again, and by magic, they will all be recharged.

New chests on the secret ship at the edge of the map

The secret ship that usually appears on the edge of the map at the beginning of each game includes three large creatures’ chests, making landing here right now the best place on the entire map.

We recommend that you use these new cheats for Fortnite season 3 before they become popular.


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