A nerve wrecking action packed game set in the future, Defiance 2050 ps4 was amongst the best action games to be released in 2018. Defiance 2050 release date; 10 July 2018 bought an engrossed character driven multiplayer game dipped in an apocalyptic future and aliens. You can enjoy single story mode or play with your friends in the co-op mode. Defiance is available on PC, Xbox One and on Play Station 4.

Defiance 2050 PS4 Download

The game is available for free for PS4. Here is how you can get your hands on Defiance 2050 ps4:

1. Click here to directly visit the Sony PlayStation store.
2. On the page click on “Add to Basket”.
3. A new page would open where you’ll need to Sign with your Sony account username and password.
4. Once you have signed up. Follow the steps to download the game directly in your PC.
5. After the download is complete, you can take it to your PS4 and start playing.

Looking for a gameplay to kick start your Define 2050 experience? Click here.

Defiance 2050 Xbox One Download

Download the thrilling game on your Xbox. Here is how –

1. Click here and you’ll be directed towards the Microsoft Sign in account.
2. Login in with your Microsoft username and password.
3. Follow the steps after to download the game.
4. Transfer it to your Xbox and start playing.

Here is a link to Defiance 2050 Xbox one gameplay.

defiance 2050 ps4

Defiance 2050 Ps4 Download – PC

Defiance 2050 is also available to download on PC for free. Follow the steps below.

1. Visit the login page of Defiance by clicking here
2. Provide your active email ID and create a password.
3. Check necessary boxes and click on “Play Free”
4. You’ll see the “Download” option next. Click on it to commence download.
5. Glyph installer will download.
6. Use the installer to download the game.
7. Wait until the game downloads at the selected path.
8. Install the game and start playing.

PC Requirement
• Processor: Intel Core i5
• RAM: 4 GB
• HDD: 6 GB
• Graphic card should be able to run DirectX 11.

You can also enjoy the game online with your friends. Having Difficulties playing Defiance 2050 gameplay? Click here to watch a complete game play of Defiance 2050 on PC.

Defiance 2050 Review

The game fairs exceptionally with gaming websites critiquing it anywhere from 4 to 4.5 stars. The extensive graphic design, spectacular animations and realistic sound effects keeps the player glued to his PS4. Moreover, the game is available for free on PS4.

On Xbox One, the gameplay is smooth and controls are easy to understand. The only issue faced by numerous gamers is the repetitiveness and prolonged stories in the game. For gamers playing it on PC would need to buy themselves PC consoles. The game can also be played in co-op mode in all the three devices.

Defiance 2050 Ps4 Steam

The game is also available on the Steam store. If you have Steam installed on your PC here is how you can get Defiance 2050

1. Click here to visit the Stem Powered store to download Defiance 2050.
2. Click on “Play Game”.
3. Followed by “Yes, I have Stem”
4. Download the game on your PC.
5. Install it and open Steam to Launch and enjoy the game.

PC Requirement
• Installed the latest version of Steam.
• Processor: Intel i5
• RAM:4 GB
• A fast internet connection.
• DirectX Version 11.

defiance 2050 ps4 steam

Defiance 2050 Game Controls – PC

• To Fire- Mouse (Left Key).
• To Zoom- Mouse (Right Key).
• To Change Weapons- Mouse (Wheel) or Q
• To Throw Grenade- Press G
• Melee Attack- Press F
• Change Vehicles- Press F
• Special Ability Activation- Press 1
• To Run- Press Shift and L
• Crouch- Press C
• Dive and Roll- Press Alt
• Loadout- Press L
• Settings- Press F6
• Maps – Press M
• Get “Settings” while in game- Press F6
• Close “Menu”- Press B

Defiance 2050 Mission Overview

Defiance 2050 gameplay is an amalgamation of numerous exiting missions. Here is an overview of each of them.

1. Time Trial: These involve competing with other Ark Hunters. To win the time trials win a race with a vehicle of your preference.

2. Main Mission- The main missions ride along the plot of the game. Successfully completing main missions can fetch you rewards.

3. Episode Missions- Periodic mission that involves an NPC in the town looking out for Ark Hunters. These are event based missions, once the event time is over the episodic missions disappear.

4. Rampage- As the name suggests, you will need to fight and defend yourself against a heard of enemies. The more you kill the greater you are rewarded.

5. Side Mission- You can choose to play them at various levels of the main mission.

6. Hotshot Challenge- Again, the Hotshot Challenge does not occur all the time. But when the time is right, use your weapon to kill maximum enemies and earn reward points.

7. Ark Fall and Shadow War- These are amongst the main storyline of Defiance 2050. While Ark Fall is a fight between the aliens and your clan, Shadow War happens when someone choses to become “Shadow Operatives” for the ongoing wars.

Defiance 2050 Rewards

On clearing levels and killing enemies you’ll be awarded with the following Rewards:
• Scrips
• Weapons
• Items
• Keywords
• Echelon Credits
• Special Gears
• Armors

Defiance 2050 Forum

Having trouble playing the game? Join the Defiance 2050 community. Visit the Defiance 2050 Forum to get your questions easily resolved. You’ll also find a list of FAQ’s for your immediate reference.


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