Would you believe when I say you can download GTA San Andreas for free?

No right? No one in their right mind will ever believe me. In fact, if I had not known, I would not have believed anyone as there isn’t any other way (Except Piracy) of playing GTA San Andreas. Before proceeding, I will ask a question from you, “Do you want to know how to get it for free?”

Well, if you do, then continue reading the post as I will provide the best possible way to get the GTA San Andreas video game for free. So, let’s proceed:

How to get GTA San Andreas for free?

Well, as of now, the only way for you to download this game for free is the newly launched game’s launcher.

Still didn’t understand?

Well, from today onwards, you can download the official Rockstar Games launcher. Using this launcher, you can download GTA San Andreas video game on your PC.

However, do it ASAP as the game is free to download for a limited period of time.

Why Rockstar Games is Allowing users to Download GTA San Andreas for free?

After finding out about the free availability of GTA San Andreas I couldn’t believe my eyes. In fact, I had many questions. I was like “How a big brand like Rockstar Games has decided to offer their legendary game suddenly for free, especially after their last blockbuster game GTA V”

Well, as far as my point of view goes, I think that all Rockstar games wanted to do was to appreciate their faithful fans & attract the casual fans of the Grand Theft Auto gaming franchise.

In case you don’t remember, GTA San Andreas was released way back in 2004. Even after 15 years, I have memories of playing that game in my childhood days.

As for Rockstar Games, GTA San Andreas was another feather for them after the success of GTA Vice City video game. GTA San Andreas gave us a memorable character like CJ, a great world & some of the toughest missions like the train scene.

Now, 15 years later, I’m getting another chance at playing GTA San Andreas & that too on PC. How can I miss this chance?

If you too don’t want to miss the chance, then follow the below-mentioned procedure to download GTA San Andreas on your PC.

GTA San Andreas Downloading Procedure.

Well, as I already told you that you can download the GTA San Andreas video game from the official Rockstar games launcher.

To download the launcher, all you need to do is click on this Download button.

Now, you will be redirected to a page on the official site of Rockstar games. Click on the Download for Windows to start downloading procedure of Rockstar games launcher.

Besides, if you already have a purchased copy of GTA San Andreas than you can easily access your purchased copy from the Rockstar games launcher.

Rockstar Games Launcher

“Download GTA San Andreas from the launcher & that’s it.” You might be thinking like there aren’t any other things for you to do using the newly launched Rockstar games launcher.

But you are wrong!!!

Using the Rockstar games launcher you can browse all the games released under the Rockstar games banner at one place. So, instead of buying Rockstar games such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City or Bully: Scholarship edition from random sites, you can directly purchase them from the officially released Rockstar launcher.

However, after using this launcher for some time, I noticed that games like Red Dead Redemption are not yet available.

In addition to browsing, the launcher also supports the function of cloud saving. It means you can save all your place online in the cloud of Rockstar games.

Isn’t it great?

Besides, you will receive automatic updates for all the Rockstar titles installed in your device. So, from now onwards, you don’t need to worry about manually update your game every time whenever there is a new update.

Frequently Asked Questions | GTA San Andreas

Q- Is GTA San Andreas video game based on a True Story?

A- Yes. In fact, San Andreas city is based on states like California & Nevada. In the game, there are three cities, Los Santos, San Fierro & Las Venturas. All these three cities are based on inspired by the cities if the USA- Los Angles, San Francisco  & Las Vegas.

Q- How much Money GTA San Andreas has made till date?

A- GTA San Andreas was made on a budget of just $100 Million. Now, as far as its earnings are concerned, the game has sold more than 27.5 million copies all around the world.

Q- Can I play GTA San Andreas on my Android Mobile?

A- Yes, you can play as it is available for you on the google play store with the name of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. However, it is a paid game. You can purchase it at around $3 using your credit/debit card.

Q- What is the fixed price of  GTA San Andreas on Steam?

A- As I already told you that the free offer is available for a limited period of time. After some time, GTA San Andreas will be available for $11.


That’s all for now. Download the game now on your PC to relive your childhood memories of playing the game. I hope you will take the maximum advantage of the latest offer released by Rockstar games. However, if you are still facing any problem in availing the offer then do let me via the comments section given below. I will be waiting for your answers.


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