Have you ever played a Mojang game before? If not, then let me introduce Minecraft to you. Released by Mojang gaming studio, it is one of the most popular and enjoyable arcades and an intellectual game that you can play on your smartphone. The developers of Minecraft have provided several versions for different operating systems. However, here I am providing the Minecraft mod apk for t you..

In case, you don’t know, let me inform you that the Android version of Minecraft is available as a paid app on Google Play Store. If you search on the play store, you will find that the latest Android version of Minecraft pocket edition apk sells for around $ 6.99 on Google Play. You can assume the popularity yourself; if you see that it has sold more than 10,000,000 for the Android Version.  So, if you want this game for free, then I am providing you the links to download the Android version of Minecraft. Additionally, I will provide Minecraft mod apk, that offers in-app purchases for free and every other premium features are unlocked.

In the latest Minecraft mod apk game, without any restriction, you can go to construction with the primary motive of preparing a romantic city. Moreover, your dream city will have all the facilities that you can think about. You can make your city as beautiful as you want.

What’s New in this Version?

  • Pandas are spawning in jungles.
  • Now, Stray Cats will spawn in villages
  • Cats can be tamed using fish.
  • Phantoms are afraid of cats.
  • Ocelots are no longer tameable.
  • You can feed ocelots to earn their trust.
  • You can find Bamboo while fishing in jungles and additionally, bamboo might appear in some chests.

Features of Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk:

  • As a player, you can build several types of structures.
  • Provide all types of items including blocks and more.
  • Brilliant sound with several music playbacks.
  • Addictive and unique gameplay
  • Play with a group of friends on Wi-Fi.
  • Fixed Several Bugs.

If you look into the Google Play store, then you will find that with more than 10 Million+ download, the pocket edition of Minecraft was able to score 4.5 from 5.with more than 8500.000 user votes. If you are curious to know more about the game then one thing you should make it clear that Minecraft is not a graphical game but still due to its unique design this game will attract you. Moreover, if you are interested in games for your Android Smartphone then do not miss to play Minecraft and Shadow Fight 2 mod apk.

Features of Minecraft Mod Apk

I am providing different versions of Minecraft Mod Apk. So, read the features before downloading the modded version of Minecraft,

Minecraft Mod Apk (Beta-1):

  • All the premium skins are Unlocked.
  • Premium texture unlocked.

Download Beta-1

Minecraft Mod Apk (Beta-2):

  • Indestructible Tools.
  • Unlocked premium skins.
  • No damage mod.
  • Unlimited breath.
  • Inventory Size maxed.
  • Max score.
  • Unlocked premium texture.
  • Hit and kill with your weapons.
  • Infinite furnace fire.

Download Beta-2

Minecraft Mod Apk (Official-1):

  • Disabled Telemetry.
  • License Patched.

Download Official-1

Minecraft Mod Apk (OFFICIAL-2):

  • Disabled Telemetry.
  • Unlocked Paid Skins.
  • Patched License.
  • Unlocked Paid Texture Packs.

Download Official-2

Minecraft Apk Mod (OFFICIAL-3):

  • God Mode (Invulnerability and Unlimited Health)
  • Disabled Telemetry
  • Unlocked Paid Skins
  • License Patched.
  • Indestructible Tools.
  • Unlocked Paid Texture Packs
  • Use Weapons to kill your enemy with one hit.

Download Official-3


To conclude, I would say that if you think that playing Minecraft is difficult then let me make one thing clear to you that it is a very easy and academic game. In this game, you can do construction in the Minecraft mod apk very easy. In this game, you will have all the shapes and blocks in different sizes. All you have to do is put these blocks together as best you can. So, Minecraft will need much precision from you because if you place a piece in the wrong way, it may be the reason for damaging the shape of the building. Later, this problem may cause the entire building to fall, and as a result, this will force you to start the building process again.

However, if you are facing any problem in playing Minecraft mod apk on your android smartphone, then you can contact us via the comment section below.



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