The Go launcher Z home screen changer for Android devices has become my favourite UI for mobiles. The reason behind this is it is user-friendly and on the other hand, it uses the versatility of Android as an advantage. The features offered are not given by any other home screens any type of user can make most of Go launcher Z easily. The huge options of features make it hard to decide from where to start.

Even here I will provide you configurations which help you to extend the functionality of the app. It is one of the most stylish and personalised applications for Android. it contains more than ten thousand themes that can be used for your mobile. All themes are designed by professional designers. These abundant stylish themes are very effective in creating 3d setups and much more.

go launcher z
go launcher z

Salient Features of the Go Launcher Z Premium

The great app includes wonderful features given below:

  • You can choose from more than ten thousand Go themes for your Android device.
  • Several HD wallpapers including gaming wallpapers are updated daily offers a variety.
  • Wallpapers are from several categories like beauty, pet, great landscape.
  • Twenty plus screen transition effect with drawer animation effect.
  • It gives widgets like weather, calendar, search, switch.
  • It enables you to hide & lock the app which you don’t want to show publicly on the device.
  • It comes with Dr Clean that helps you to boost phone speed.
  • Several Live wallpapers with Do it Yourself Live Wallpapers and enjoy.
  • You can almost customise all things by using the app.

Even you can explore several new features by following tips given below and enjoy additional benefits. It helps you to increase your productivity by managing loopholes of your android device. Without wasting any more time let’s move forward and learn how to download the app and additional tips and trick and much more.  

My Go launcher Z Settings

Improve the look and feel

One of the best thing about Go launcher Z is it enables you to extend the look and feel of your device. By using the app you can change the themes, font, transition speed and even you can hide the status bar. It smooths out the transition on screen. Tap the menu option and select preferences after that tap screen setting to check the number of interesting option. What you can do?

  • Enable Screen Scroll circularly.
  • Tap on the screen transition speed and select quick.

By enabling circular screen you can switch immediately from one screen to another without going back. The transition speed can change things like lagging and instantaneous screen scroll. Even this allows you to configure home screen. The status bar is still visible by swiping the home screen downward.

Now add change the font through the app by doing this you can add several fonts. You can also find some from Google Play store. To use fonts other than go launcher Z you need to relocate the downloaded fonts to phone’s internal memory after doing that follow the steps given below:

  • Tap the menu button.
  • Click the preference option.
  • Choose visual settings.
  • Tap font.
  • Tap Scan font.

After doing this scroll the given listing of font’s and select your desired option. That’s all you are all done.

App Drawer

Yes by using App Drawer settings you can a number of things it is also named as Menu, Preferences in some apps.

  • Scrolling.
  • Grid size/shape.
  • Hide or make visible app drawer tab row.
  • Make visible or hide app drawer search.
  • show/hide app drawer labels.
  • Update Application information.
  • Select or choose locked apps.
  • Show locked apps.

Back up

Go launcher Z is efficient to backup your entire configuration to SD card. The feature works quite handy very useful when you have to reset the phone to default settings. Also in helpful when you get a new mobile for yourself. You can backup and reset by following steps given below.

  • Tap the menu option.
  • Tap preferences.
  • Tap Backup and restore.
  • Tap Backup settings.
  • Tap ok you are done.


  • Click on the menu option of your device.
  • Click on preferences.
  • Tap backup and restore.
  • Click on restore settings.
  • Click ok.

By using the configuration given above you can experience several and even explore several new features. So, might be now you are convinced enough to give it a try at least.

App Information

  • Name – Go Launcher Z.
  • Version – 3.18.
  • Developed by – Go for Android.
  • Last Updated on – 31 May 2019.
  • Requires Android – 4.1 and Advanced.
  • Application Size – 51MB.

Download Procedure

I am sure after knowing all the wonderful facts and tricks about the app you must be curious enough to use the app. In addition to this, if you want to download the premium version of Go launcher Z for free then you can download it from the links provided by me below:

  • Click on this Download Button to start the downloading process.
  • After downloading the file the installation process will continue automatically.
  • Check your menu of the device for Go launcher Z icon.
  • Tap on the icon and you can change settings to enjoy several extended features.


So, use the Go launcher Z to refresh your old device and extending its usability to the next level. The app is great for its functionality and uses it also help you to get easy backups. I hope you like the information shared above.

Kindly share your opinion on a website and do not forget to share your lovely suggestions, appreciation etc. Will meet up in the next blog till then be safe and keep calm by reading wonderful blogs.     





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