Sweet selfie is one of the selfie camera apps with excellent filters, cool collage, trendy photo edit options, vignette effect and much more. You can take beautiful selfies anytime anywhere by the App.

Sweet Selfie is the new name for a selfie photo app called Candy Selfie Camera, which was one of the highest rated apps in the play store and lies in the top 10 selfie camera App. If you are a selfie enthusiastic, then this App is for you!

 Sweet Selfie Camera
Sweet Selfie Camera

Features of Sweet Selfie Camera App

You can download the latest version of Sweet Selfie Camera app in your Android and iOS smartphone. However, before proceeding let’s find out some unbeatable features of Sweet Selfie Camera App-


  • In this option, you can edit the picture as you want. There are a various number of options or the same as smoothening the picture, Reshaping the image, Teeth whitening, Brightening, Nose Narrowing, toning, Slimming face, enlarge eyes, removing dark circles and Freckle.
  • Also, you can rotate, flip, blur, enhance the picture. You can add text too.
  • You can do makeup on the face, add various stickers.
  • You can apply different filters to the photo to make it more attractive.


  • In this, you can create a much more beautiful image by applying stunning effects to them.
  • Examples are Blossom, Flamingo.


  • Setting up many pictures into one frame comes under collage making.
  • In the sweet selfie app, there are two ways to make collage either funny or grid.
  • In the grid, photos are adjusted properly whereas in grid photos are adjusted randomly thus giving it a funny look.

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Advantages of Sweet Selfie Camera App

Every app has some pros and Cons. So, let’s find out some pros and cons of a sweet selfie camera app. Besides, the developers can fix the cons at any point of time with an update.

  1. Fantastic Camera – Sweet selfie camera App gives you an enjoyable experience of taking beautiful selfies. The camera quality is excellent. If your phones’ camera is not good then no need to worry. You can use the sweet selfie app for taking selfies.
  2. Beauty Filters – A lot of beauty filters gives the user a whole different experience and make the pictures glamorous.
  3. Picture editing – You can also edit a picture that you have taken before.
  4. Collage making – Along with picture taking and editing, collage making is the plus point of the app.

Disadvantages of the app

  1. Take too much time to save the picture when taken with rear camera
  2. Filters are Awful – Filters make the image so bright and full of gloss that the originality of the picture fades away and the person looks like something else.
  3. Unorganized – The app is very disorganized that I didn’t find the option for editing. It’s like all in One and one in All.
  4. Flash doesn’t work with the rear camera.
  5. Crash Down – Crashing down of app, again and again, gives the user a pathetic experience of using the app.
  6. Image Resolution is less.

Comparison with Another selfie App

There are many apps for a great camera and picture editing purposes like Beauty plus, B612, You Cam Perfect, Retrica and many more. As compared to other apps Sweet selfie has some better features and some bad features than others.

Sweet Selfie Camera gives you the vast experience of editing pictures and taking selfies with real-time filters. Today’s social media is all about selfies. Everyone wants the best selfie and thus the best selfie camera or selfie Camera App. Sweet selfie Camera app gives you the best of collage making the experience and photo editing tools.

How to Download the Latest Version of Sweet Selfie Camera App

Sweet Selfie App is available for you to download on your Android Device and PC/Laptop. In Android, the App is downloaded from Play Store whereas in iPhone the app is downloaded from App Store.

For Android Device

1) Click on this Download button, and you will be redirected to this app on the Google Play Store.

2) Once, you Sweet selfie camera app on the Google Play Store, press the install button and sit back until it gets installed on your phone. This process will use 67 MB of your Internet Data.

3) Open the app after the camera app is installed successfully. It will ask for several permissions. Kindly allow them to install the app.

4) Take beautiful selfies and share them on social media platforms.

For PC 

1) Firstly, download the latest version Bluestacks App Player, or you can say Bluestack emulator on your PC. Besides, you can download any other emulator on your PC.

2) Click on this Download button, and Sweet Selfie Camera apk will start downloading in your PC.

3) Open the Apk file and install it in your PC using the installed emulator.

3) Open the app after the camera app is installed successfully. It will ask for several necessary permissions. Kindly allow them to install the app.

4) Take beautiful selfies and share them on social media platforms.

Final Words

After reading all the pros and cons of this app, if you don’t have any issue with this sweet selfie camera. Then download the latest version of this app on your Android Device and PC using the steps mentioned above. Besides, if you have a question related to this app then let us know via the comments section. We will try our best to answer all your queries ASAP.


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