As you might know, Truecaller Mobile app is an Android App that you can use to view the information of caller on your smartphone. If you have enabled this feature than as soon as someone calls you, it will show you the details of the other person who is calling you. In addition to this, you can use Truecaller app in place of your default phone dialer app. Moreover, Truecaller app allows you to communicate with your friends or anyone from your contacts.

With the Truecaller app, you can send and receive messages to anyone. However, when you get any message from spam number, then the Truecaller app will block it for you, and you will not see the notification of it. In case you are wondering how this app can provide this feature. Well, they have an extensive database that stores data of Millions of users. In case you are wondering how they get it, all these details are saved by users who allow Truecaller to store the information provided by them.  After the latest update, you can send and receive money to anyone from your contacts instantly.

Features of Truecaller

  • World’s best app to find the identity of the unknown
  • Block spam and telemarketing calls.
  • In the call history, you can find the names of unknown numbers.
  • Share your location, EMOJI & status in a flash to your friends using flash messages.
  • Know when your friends are available to talk and send them to flash messages using the Internet.
  • Can you do safe and secure money transfer 24/7 instantly?
  • Manage your bank accounts with your BHIM-UPI ID.

Features of Truecaller Smart SMS app:

  • Automatically find the identity of every unknown SMS.
  • Block spam SMS messages from telemarketing companies automatically.
  • You can block messages by name and number series.
  • Provides dual SIM support to users.
  • Truecaller will ask for your permission to upload your phonebook and make it public or searchable.

Features of Truecaller Premium Apk (Ad-free)

  • For the faster loading, Truecaller Premium Apk has optimized the graphics and cleaned resources of the app.
  • Disable analytics.
  • All types of Ads are removed in Truecaller Premium Apk.
  • Record Phone calls.
  • Find out who viewed your profile.
  • You will get an option to view profiles of anyone privately.
  • Thirty contact requests in one month.
  • Gold Caller Id.

How can you download Truecaller Premium Apk (Ad-free)

If you have used this app before then, you might know that this app so much ads like banner ads. So, to get rid of all these annoying features and to enjoy some more additional features, download and install Truecaller premium apk for free.

  1. To download the latest apk file, click on this Download button and Truecaller premium apk will start downloading.
  2. Now, that you have successfully downloaded the latest mod apk file, you have to install the app on your smartphone. However, before proceeding, you should enable the unknown sources in the security settings from the security settings of your Android Smartphone. Otherwise, you won’t be able to install this launcher on your smartphone.
  3. After enabling the option, you have to locate the folder where Truecaller premium apk is stored. However, most of the times you will find the apk file in the download folder of your internal storage.
  4. Select the apk file and Tap on install the apk file in your Android Smartphone to find unknown callers instantly.

Frequently Asked Question

Q- How the Truecaller app is different from Truecaller premium apk?

A- You won’t get ads in the premium version of the Truecaller app. Download the premium app now to find out more.

Q- Do I have to pay for Truecaller premium apk?

A- Unlike, the play store, you won’t have to pay anything to use this mod. On top of this, if you want to download the prime version of Nova launcher, then you can do so from Nova launcher prime apk.

Q- Can I use this app after denying in-app permissions?

A- Yes, you can use this app without any problem. However, there will be some limitations.


With the trust of more than 250 million users to identifying unknown calls, block spam calls and spam SMS, Truecaller has been the number #1 app on the Google play store. This app will filter out any unwanted problems that you face and lets you connect with only those persons that matter the most to you. Moreover, if you encounter any difficulty in downloading Truecaller Premium than let me know in the comment section below.



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