Window 8 is the latest version of the Windows operating system developed by Microsoft team and recently released in a few months back of the year 2012. Windows 8 is a full touch-oriented operating system and also compatible with touch-oriented devices like tablets, iPad, mobile, phone, iPod .new introduced operating system includes many latest features like different Startup screen, File manager, icon and double screen compatibility.

As well as the statistics of Window 8 users increasing rapidly with the passage of time and more people around the world, who have a keen interest in latest technology come on windows 8 and they desperately want to know about each feature of windows 8. Now here is the good news for those people who want to explore all features of windows because today I am going to define some Hidden features of Windows 8 which a new user cant access without the proper knowledge.

Charms: Keyboard Shortcuts:

On touch-oriented screens like in tablets or iPad the swapping is so simple but the laptop and desktop computer users have to access each feature through mouse or keyboard. So to assist all those PC and laptop users Charms feature is developed which give you fast access to each and all applications. To use Hidden features of Windows 8 Charms simply press the (window + C). This command will open the charms screen before you. The user can also view all apps by following the combination of (Ctrl + Tab).

How to Take a Quick Screenshot:

One of the Hidden features of Window 8 is The new way introduced to taking screenshots in the Window 8 operating system whether in old windows operating system you have to follow the print screen button and then you have to explicitly save the image but in windows8 simply (Window + Print Screen) altogether and then the screenshot will be saved in your image gallery by default.

Stripped Down Start Menu:

In windows 8 the new feature is the Start Menu which is introduced in new style and look and this feature get the most attention of the viewer but still you are able to access the tiled view of start menu .simply go down to the leftmost corner of the screen and then right-click .it will show you the stripped down start menu which includes the functional options of the Windows.

Hope the mentioned  Hidden features of Windows 8 will create relief for all readers. I will further update you with the more  Hidden features of Windows 8, so keep in touch with me and I would like to know your reviews about my updates. So comment here so that I could know about your interest.


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