Virat Kohli, the mighty star of the 22-yard field, is blazing fire from his bat these days. He is well known for his aggression that he very well converts into consistent wins. Not only this but ever since our Captain Cool passed his mantle to the Captain Aggressive, he has handled things in a pretty good manner. Except for some unnecessary aggression that sometimes is not really required, Virat Kohli is definitely the best skipper after Dhoni, (someone or somehow might not agree with the statement, LOL) which he has proved many times.

Related image Also, he has a very funny on field presence sometimes. Making weird faces during the play or even dancing while fielding are just few of the ways Kohli draws attention to him apart from, of course, the run machine that he is.

And here is him dancing in the middle of a game:

Image result for virat sachin memes Kohli is often compared to Sachin Tendulkar because like Sachin, he has made records at a very early stage in his career. Believe it or not, but he is the only batsman to score over 300 runs in a bilateral ODI series on six separate occasions. No other batsman has done it more than four times. This proves that no matter how aggressive he is on the field, his game is still the best of them all. And what’s more? The skipper is leveling up with each passing day, which is ultimately a bliss for the Indian cricket.

Virat Kohli, A Bliss for Indian Cricket 1 When asked about why he has an aggressive approach on the field, Kohli said “Aggression for me is the passion to win and winning one every ball for the team. I think people have a different meaning of aggression but for me, it is to win the match at any cost and giving 120% for the team on each and every delivery. It could be on the field or if I’m sitting outside and applauding someone or batting or running, it could be anything.” He stated clearly that aggression helps him in giving his best. The reason why he has become the fastest cricketer to reach the 10000 ODI runs milestone in just 205 innings, breaking Tendulkar’s (259 innings) record.

Virat Kohli, A Bliss for Indian Cricket 2 On December 2016, Virat became the only batsman in history to have an average of over 50 in all three formats of the game. He even broke the 10-year-old record of Ricky Ponting for holding the most ODI runs in a calendar year as a captain. The way he is stepping up and breaking records, you could not ask for more. He even has the most number of 50+ scores and is the fastest to reach the 1000 runs milestone in T20 Internationals. The Delhi dasher has gone past 50 runs on 19 occasions which is four times more than Chris Gayle and has scored 1000 T20I runs in 27 innings which is two less than the next best Aaron Finch.

Image result for virat kohli body Now the question of the millennium, will he be able to break Tendulkar’s records?

Will He be Able to Break Tendulkar’s Records?

Well, he has already snatched a few of them from the God of Cricket. Going by his age, Virat still has around 10 years of cricket left in him, and considering he has achieved so much in mere 10 years, he can do wonders in the next decade. He already has 35 ODI centuries etched to his name and achieving the next 15 won’t be a big task for a player of his class and talent. Virat is 30 now and 29-32 is considered the best age for both batting and bowling. Players are often at the peak of their performance. However, it all depends on the fitness which I think, won’t be an issue for him. I mean look at the guy’s physique! Does it look like he is going to have any fitness issue for years to come? Certainly not.

Sachin VS Virat Kohli Record As of Now

Virat Kohli, A Bliss for Indian Cricket 3 There are many records set by Sachin Tendulkar which now have Virat Kohli written against them. To throw light on some of them,

  • Sachin’s record of 17 centuries while chasing was broken by Kohli. He even became the fastest cricketer to score 60 international hundreds (386 innings) wherein the process, he broke Sachin’s record who took 426 innings to accomplish that.
  • Virat also became the only Test captain in history to score three tons in his first three innings as a captain. He did this against Australia recently.
  • He even became the fastest batsman to reach 8000 one day international runs, breaking the record of AB de Villiers who held the record for almost two years. ABD, known as one of the most destructive batsmen of the modern-day cricket world took 182 innings to reach there, whereas Kohli did it in 175 innings. Enough margin to make an impact.

Virat Kohli, A Bliss for Indian Cricket 4 The scary thing about Virat Kohli is that we don’t even know if this guy is at the peak of his powers now. But to claim that he is at his best now and that he would not get any better would be too soon to make a prediction.

Just a year ago, he was the only player to have an average of 45 in all three formats and like most of us, we thought he is surely at his best. But now, when he has an average of 50 in all three formats, and can anytime be crowned as the number 1 player, we realize how terribly wrong we were. There is no slightest of the doubt that his game is getting better with time. The moment you think “Okay, He is so good, I think it is the maximum he can reach”, he surprises you by reaching a whole new level.

Virat Kohli, A Bliss for Indian Cricket 5

Virat Kohli, Revenue As a Brand!

This man is literally everywhere. And there is nothing Brand Kohli cannot do. The skipper is known to endorse more than 17 brands and is still speculated to do more. According to Forbes magazine, Virat Kohli, the world’s highest-paid cricketer, holds a brand value of $14.5 million! This is even higher than the football icon Lionel Messi, Golden State Warrior’s Stephen Curry, and golf star Rory McIlroy. Floating in the sea of money would be the perfect phrase for our skipper.

Virat Kohli, A Bliss for Indian Cricket 6

Virat Kohli, A Bliss for Indian Cricket 7 Apart from records, Virat is also quite popular for his looks and the way he carries himself. His on spot fashion trend and fitness level have attracted eyes of the females from all over the world. A player of the England Women’s Cricket Team, Danni Wyatt, has even proposed Virat Kohli on Twitter after she saw Kohli make 72 in the World T20 against South Africa.

When the pair finally met, Virat gifted his bat to Danni considering how big a fan Wyatt was. For the matches after that, Danni used Kohli’s bat instead of her own and well, that says a lot about how popular our skipper is overseas.

Virat Kohli, A Worst Behaved Player of Gentleman’s Game

Virat Kohli has a huge fan base ranging from some of the big names to even people like us (including me). However, as much as everyone loves him for his style and game, there are people who just do not like the skipper’s aura which is often a hot topic of discussion. Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah went to Facebook to call Virat Kohli as the most misbehaved player of the gentleman’s game.

Naseer said, Virat Kohli is not only world’s best batsman but also the world’s worst behaved player. His cricketing brilliance Virat Kohli, A Bliss for Indian Cricket 8pales beside his arrogance and bad manners.

Virat Kohli, A Bliss for Indian Cricket 9 The actor’s post ignited a debate on the social media where some people supported his comment.

Kapil Dev came in full support of the skipper and said, “Dhoni was quiet, was that good or bad for the game? We can’t question that. Every leader comes out with his thinking and it is up to you how you take it. As long as Virat is performing, he is giving good results, it is all fine. You can’t expect two people to be the exact same. Why should we compare or even judge somebody.”

Virat Kohli – Best Shots Ever

Conclusion | Kohli as a Best Skipper of Indian Team

Kohli is the best skipper India has had after Dhoni, there is absolutely no doubt. But to have a plethora of comments targeting his aggression is not a good thing. Maybe it is a part of his game plan. Maybe it is just who he is. As long as he delivering what he is meant to, no one should bother about his on-field strategies. What we really need to observe and care about, is his performance and wish that he continues to be the amazing cricketer that he already is. Hope to have more records in the name of the mighty Virat Kohli!



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