Fire Force Season 2: Expected Arrival Renewal Status for Sequel?

The Force is back with much-awaited Season 2. To Anime viewers delight, the much-anticipated popular Anime series Fire Force Season 2 is expected to see its release in July 2020.

However, no official announcement on the date of release is published by the makers of the series, David Productions. 

The surprise trailer for Season 2 was aired on May 22, 2020, and has already created a stir of expectations among the fans. There were a couple of production delays that delayed its release earlier. 

Hoping the current COVID 19 Pandemic does not bring in any further delays; the audience will witness the force unleashing its power.

 Fire Force is an illustration by Atsushi Okubo. Based on Manga Series, it is an anime series that was highly popular among animation lovers. Season 1 had 24 episodes and was released last year in May 2019. It gained the spotlight due to its high-end graphics and superb execution. 

Fire Force Season 2: Expected Arrival Renewal Status for Sequel?
Fire Force Season 2: Expected Arrival Renewal Status for Sequel?

Season 1 takes you to a world where mankind is restricted to their right to a peaceful life. Humans then have a strange occurrence referred to as human combustion which transforms them into crazy mechanical Infernals, which leads them towards a situation considered worse than death. 

The center of the story revolves around Shinra who joins a specialized brigade of pyrokinetic created by the Tokyo armed forces, Fire Défense Agency, and The Holy Church of Sol. 

The purpose of this specialized Fire Force is to destroy Infernals and save humanity. Season 1 was a power-packed drama fuelled with amazing character development, plenty of action and humor. With the rising increase in the animation as a mode of entertainment, Fire 

Force became popular due to its thrilling storyline, high-end drama, and the way various characters were unfolded in the plot. Season 1 witnessed views in millions which prompted the makers for its Season 2.

 Fans are anticipating huge excitement as the conflicts will be seen with newly added characters to fight against the threats to humanity. Season 2 is directed by Tatsuma Minamikawa, who has replaced Season 1 Director Yuki Yase. Tatsuma Minamikawa has worked as an episode director for episode 12 of last season. 

Earlier, he has directed Dragon Cry, a fairy tale film and a Wave, Listen to Me! Also roped in the series is Japanese Rock group Cider Girl which is popular for its upbeat and fizzy tracks.

So, let us wait for the exact release announcement because that’s worth the deal.

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