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Have you been looking for solution guides to fix the Showbox not working errors? Well if your Showbox is not streaming then chances are the following steps would help you fix it.

One of the best reasons why Showbox is so famous because you can literally stream everything you want there. Starting from your favorite TV shows to all your videos. One of the biggest advantages of using a streaming app like Showbox is that, it does not bog you down with lots of ads. You can easily access the best videos online.

Fix Showbox Not Working Errors

If you are having Showbox streaming issues then below are a few solutions that have worked for me. So, you can try them and see if they work for you. Mainly, the issues were related to the servers that only their technicians can fix. But, there are a few DIY methods that I have listed below that could jet start your Showbox streaming.

Attempt 1 – Update Showbox to New Version

One of the main reasons why your Showbox app stopped working is maybe, you are using outdated versions. The last version was revamped for a new Showbox update on December 2018.

Showbox not working

So, delete your old version off your device and download the latest Showbox version and try. You should start streaming in no time then.

Download the latest Showbox version from here.

Attempt 2 – Showbox Videos Aren’t Downloading?

This is one of the leading reasons why you may see that your videos are being downloaded on to your device. You just navigate yourself to ‘Manage Apps‘ on your device and clear all cache data.

Once you do that simply restart your Android device and you should be able to download your videos again.

Attempt 3 – VPN is the Answer

Chances are you maybe in a country where you can’t access Showbox. So, the only option you would be left with is using a VPN. You can easily download Opera VPN which is free of cost.

showbox not workingOnce you have download the VPN just go to your Showbox app and clear all caches. You should be good to go after that.


You will also have to check in with your storage issues. If you have run out of storage and have a low RAM space chances are your Showbox app may show glitches. So, the final way to fix the Showbox not working error is to keep a tab on your storage.

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