Kicking up Fortnite season 7 countdown, Fortnite has presented the world with a new trend in online gaming. The latest from its batch is Season 7. All the rumours were shut when Fortnite tweeted its first Fortnite season 7 poster on 3rd December. Alongside a quote that revealed Fortnite season 7 release date to be December 6, 2018.

The Fortnite season 7 theme has ushered new skins, map and more. The winter theme’s major changes involved:

  • Introduction of new vehicles (X-4 Storming)
  • Maps (Flush Factory and Greasy Grove Destroyed completely)
  • Zip Lines
  • The big reveal is an iceberg that’s moving towards collision between the two new changes on the map

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Fortnite Season 7 Trailer

Teasers were the most grabbing even before the Fortnite trailer was released. The first 3 Season 7 promotional pictures took the Fortnite fans by storm. Fortnite Season 7 speculations grew stronger as Season 6 countdown crawled closer.
These teasers kicked the excitement amongst gamers off the ballpark, giving hints about the look and feel of the game.

Later Fortnite Season 7 trailer came in as a Christmas present to Fortnite fans gracefully depicting the overall theme of the season.

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Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass

Fortnite Season 7 Review | 2019 | 1

For all the exhaustion during the season, battle passes have always been rewarding. In season 7 the Battle Passes allow gamers to get their hands on in-game rewards. These passes are available in the Fortnite “Item Shop” for 950 V-currencies.

The features of the Battle Pass include:

• Toys
• Emotes
• Back Bling
• Pets
• Contrails
• Sprays
• Music
• Loading Scene and a lot more.

Fortnite Season 7 Maps

The first Fortnite Season 7 start date, 6th December introduced some major changes in the map some of them include the following.

fortnite season 7
fortnite season 7 map

As of Announcement (6th December)

• NEW POIs: Polar Peaks, Happy Hamlet and Frosty Flights.
• The winter theme creates a new biome from all the snow covered in the southwest region of the map.
• The iceberg ruined the Flush Factory region of the game.
• Another lost POI was the Greasy Grove that was also destroyed by the iceberg.
• Retail Row has two new add on- Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit Food Truck.
• X-4 storm wings can now be spawned at Risky Reels.
• Loss of Shadow Stone from the island.
• Submarine on a mountain around Frosty Flights.
• Frozen Waterfalls.
• The big chair is now a Sled at an unnamed POI.
• POI- Mansion got an X-4 Stormwing.

As of 11th December (Patch)

• Infinity Blade got vaulted and has disappeared from the altar.

• Emergences of Infinity Blade alter due to the melting of Polar Peak.

• Visible greens at Paradise Palms.

As of 18th December (Patch)

• As Christmas nears, small Christmas trees and Candy canes have started to emerge throughout the map.

• What was Creative Mode is now Snowy Island including frozen lake and some IIamas lying all over?

• Polar Peak melts further to reveal a castle.

• Pizza restaurant added at Retail Row and the NOMS sign has been taken off.

• More and more CUBE remains found at Loot Lake.

• On the eve of Christmas majority of the map is covered with snow.

• As the Christmas ends the snow melts and a map is turning back to normal.

• Large blocks of ice have also started to melt around 4th of January.

As of 15th January

• Stone man statue has been shifted to Lonely Lodge.
• Snow biome expands
• Christmas decorations have ended.
• Race Track now has a SoftDeez ice cream shop instead of The Diner.
• Spotting of Ice King inside the ice sphere at Polar Peak.
• Weather warning after 17th January displayed on the televisions.
• Ice King Breaks open the Sphere and a large phantom appears with a snowstorm along with him.

Fortnite Season 7 Skins

There are some dashing new skins released in the latest season of Fortnite. Battle Pass and Free Pass both can unlock these Skins. Weekly challenges can also fetch you updated skins.

fortnite season 7
fortnite season 7 skins

• Zenith Skins (Tier 1, New Styles unlocked With Zenith Progress)
• Lynx Skins (Tier 1, New Styles Unlocked With Lynx Progress)
• Sgy Winter Skins (Tier 23, New Style Unlocked With Sgt Winter Progress)
• Power Outfit (Tier 97)
• Trog Outfit (Tier 71)
• Onesie Outfit (Tier 87)
• The Ice King Outfit (Tier 100, New Styles Unlocked With The Ice King Progress)

You can now see the top 7 skins to buy in Fortnite Season 7 2019.

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Fortnite Season 7 Rewards

• 13 Sprays
• Five Contrails
• 1300 V- Bucks
• Two Pets
• Six Wraps
• Four Axes
• Three New Music Tracks
• Five Emotes
• Four Gliders
• Six Back Blings

Weapons and Items List
The list of improved and changed Weapons and Items are as follows.

As of Announcement (6th December)

• Balloons
1. Use weapons and items with balloons
2. Attach up to 3 balloons in one go.
3. Size reduced from 20 to 10

• X- 4 Stormwing Plane
1. Exit the X-4 Storming with a plane in skydive mode.
2. Carries up to 4 passengers and 1 pilot.
3. Fires with an added machine gun.
4. Boost and Air Brakes are added too.

• Vaulted Items
1. Chillers
2. Double Barrel Shotgun
3. Shadow Stones
4. Port-a-Fort
5. Shockwave Grenade
6. Clinger

As of 11th December (Patch)

• Infinity Blade added to the Vaulted Items
• Primary Fire- Destroys enemy constructions in one blow and damages up to 75% of health.
• Alternate Fire- Helps take longer jumps. 25% damage.
• Sword’s add on abilities-
1. +50 health on enemy elimination
2. Up to 200 shields and max health extends
3. Regeneration up to 1 HP
4. 103% Increase in speed
• One Infinity Blade per match
• Full health and Shield to the player who is able to fetch the Sword first

As of 18th December (Patch)

• Stacks of Legendary Rarity Drops.
• Presents can be discovered on floor loot, Supply Drops and Chests.
As of 30th December (Patch)
• Activate Boom Box for music blasts.
• To stop Boombox effects- shoot it.

As of 8th December (Patch)

• Suppressed Sniper Rifle
1. Variants- Epic and Legendary
2. Scoped single shot sniper rifle
3. Quiet shots using the Suppressor
4. 100/ 105 base damage
As of 15th January (Patch)
• Epic and Legendary variant of Scoped Revolver has a damaged power of 42/ 44.

As of 22nd January (Patch)

• Sneaky Snowman
1. Use primary fire to create a destructive Snowman.
2. When health depletes to zero the snowman is destroyed.
3. Also, if a player is already using Snowman he cannot apply any other item.

Fortnite Season 7 Wraps

One of the most helpful tools in Fortnite, the Wraps allows skin changes in your Rifles, Vehicles, Shotguns, SMGs, Pistol and more. These wraps come in 6 variants:

• Carbon and Gold
• Festive Paper
• Arctic Camo
• Ultra Red
• Indigo Ice
• Durrr Burger
• Disco Wrap (On completion of 13th Day of 14 days of Fortnite Challenge)
• Candy Cane (For 300 V- bucks)


Well, that’s all the Fortnite Season 7 updates you were looking for. Gear up for another action-packed season. Let the rumble begin fellow gamers.


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