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Free domain provider site – Internet users, online businesses, and bloggers are familiar with the domain name. Yups … domain is the identity and address of a website that has extensions or suffixes such as .com / .net / .org / .info / etc. Domains have many functions, one of which is to increase the branding of a website so that more people are known. However, to have a domain that has an extension as above, it requires a monthly fee.

Free Domain

However, along with the development of the virtual world, many sites have emerged that provide free domains. If you use a free platform like blogger and then you can abbreviate the address of your blog using this free domain, besides that using a free domain can make your website’s name more pleasant to hear.


Free Domain

This site provides a free domain with the suffix .tk, for example you have the name of the blog so you can abbreviate the url of your blog to, a lot of benefits by abbreviating the domain, one of which is making domain names easier remembered by internet users so that your website can be accessed easily.

Free Domain

The next free domain provider is, this site can abbreviate the name of your blog or website url with a suffix or extension., for example the name of your blog is hanging out. then by using this site service your domain name can be shortened to so that it is easier to remember by many people.

Free Domain

Another site that also provides a free domain name is By using the services found on this site, you can abbreviate your domain name with the suffix, for example, the name of your blog can be abbreviated as In addition, the suffix or extension on this domain is also very short so that the domain name is very easy to memorize.

Free Domain

The next free domain service is the site. The name of your blog or website will be abbreviated with the end of, for example,, and others. Please use this service to abbreviate the name of your blog or website. In addition, this site also provides free web hosting services.

Another free domain that you can use to abbreviate your domain name is, besides this site also supports DNS. You can use the name of the blog with the suffix .nl. for example, and others.

Free Domain

This site is a free domain provider that has a very unique and interesting extension. The number of free domain registrars on this site has reached more than 8,000. You can also use this domain extension on your blog so that it can become your own branding for your blog or website.

So some information that I can give about free domain provider sites that you can use to abbreviate your blog or website url. Hopefully this information can be useful for you.


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