Just like Netflix, you know what’s a gamer’s delight? A list of Free Minecraft Premium Account and Passwords. If you have been around PS, Xbox since the early 2000s then you know Minecraft has been an on-demand game since it’s inception in 2009.

But, what really changed the gaming interface was when Mojang took over the development of Minecraft in 2011. I will explain how to get a Free Minecraft Premium Account with Mojang later.

So, looking for Free Minecraft Premium Account and Passwords. Let’s you get a taste of the premium gaming interface.

Who doesn’t want that anyway.

Minecraft Features

With over a million daily users of Minecraft, you get two versions. One the free play mode and the other a premium account mode. You end up paying $26 for the premium model and which can be a hefty price for many gamers.

Minecraft Premium Account Features

  • Custom skin changes
  • Save the game levels

Free Minecraft Premium Accounts and Passwords 2019 List

The truth is getting yourself a free Minecraft Premium Account and Password may not be as easy. It costs your $26 but well, in my experience the following generator has helped me in the past.

The Minecraft username password generator (Premium) sometimes actually gives you a free premium account. So, you are free to try for yourself by clicking here.

Or, you can also click here for Free Minecraft Premium Account and Passwords.

Apart from that, their list keeps changing every year. In fact in a fraction of months too. So, I have curated the working list for you below for Jan, 2019.

100% working Free Minecraft Premium Accounts and Passwords

connor41Пароль когда наберём 100%
krohalev10давай 100% скажу пароль
[email protected]наберём 100% скажу пароль
56ANimenfпароль после 100%
Kolya228986986Когда 50%
[email protected]Когда наберем 100% скажу
[email protected]Когда будет 90%Скажу!


You know what, I don’t like wasting my time and that’s the reason I purchase minecraft account logins and if you want to do so, here is guide to buy and sell minecraft account details quickly. This login will work with Mojang and by the way, do you know Mojang is one of the finest video game developer which gives ultimate user experience? If not, check out the top games developed by mojang and I am 100% sure you will love worth trying it and may be, you will forget MineCraft.

Merge your Minecraft Account with Mojang for More

To know why Mojang plays such a significant role now, probably a little history would help you. Minecraft was already around when in 2011 Mojang has purchased it and redefined the interface.

Mojang is a Swedish video game developer company owned by Markus Persson. Now, that you have your free premium account what you can do is, merge your account with Mojang for further gameplay and full versions with additional commands.

One of the main reasons why you would have to migrate Minecraft account to Mojang is because now Mojang owns it. Simply because it will give you access to all the new updates as such.

Free Minecraft Premium Account

It is pretty simple. All you have to do is fill in your information in the above page and verify your Minecraft premium account.

You can easily do that at Mojang official website. By merging your Minefcraft account with Mojang, you also get updated security and take advantage of the many more Mojang games too.

Free Minecraft Premium Account Generator

Here is complete information about “How could you get Minecraft account for free?” “how to generate mc alts through minecraft account generator?” and so on.

Here is quick link which you can try to generate minecraft account:

Link: altsforyou.org Discord: discord.gg

Is Mojang Safe to Buy Minecraft from?

Absolutely. DO remember, that all official websites are safe. But, do be vary of some phishing websites that claim to be part of Mojang. Mojang only has one official website.

Click here for Mojang’s official website.

Final Words

The truth is getting a Free Minecraft Premium Account and Passwords are not easy. But, you can try the above links that I have given you, which worked for me.

If you are aware of any more websites that are giving you options to buy/sell Minecraft premium accounts for free then do let me know in the comments section.


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