Building a house was everyone’s favorite game as a child. And Frostpunk is the game that allows you to build your own city. You would definitely love the game if you are fond of creating and working on your own ideas. The game is basically studio of 11 bits, that lets you build a dynamic and clean city of your own. Considering the previous Frostpunk review of users, developers have come up with a new version of the game. In this article, I have described the Frostpunk features that are updated and the reviews over it.

Frostpunk Features

Changing the Names of Characters and Automatons

In the latest feature, you have the privilege of changing the names of your characters and automatons. You can be able to manage and search the men and cities using the name that you have imparted.

New Visuals

frostpunk review

The visuals have been upgraded. How the latest upgrade would miss on this? Well, Visuals of Hunter Airships, Hunters’ Huts, Gathering Posts, Outpost, and Workshops are changed. And believe me, they are amazing than before.

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Intel NUC Skull Canyon and Razer Chroma Support is Essential for a Better Experience

If you want to experience the game to the fullest, you will have to have Intel NUC skull Canyon and Razer Chroma Support. You will discover the game beyond your expectations.

Fixes and Optimization

The bugs that were occurring in the earlier versions are all fixed and the latest version is fully optimized.

frostpunk review


New features:

  • You can change the names of your characters and automatons
  • You can search for them by name
  • New visuals of hunter airships
  • The fully new look of Hunter Huts, Gathering Posts, Outposts and Workshops
  • You can use the keyboard for navigation.
  • Intel NUC Skull Canyon support is extended
  • Razer Chroma support is also extended

frostpunk review

Smaller Changes and Balancing:

  • Building grid revamped.
  • Hunters and people getting stuck are improvised.
  • UI modifications and fixes.

Fixes and Optimization:

  • Fixed a crash after selecting a group of people that are approaching the city.
  • The temperature tutorial.
  • Fixed problems that arose with binding the multimedia keys.
  • There are Additional FX fixes.
  • Fixed the issues wrong icons that were over buildings.

Frostpunk Review

frostpunk reviews

Frostpunk to be a Perfect Game

Strategy Gamer gives a real review by mentioning, “I’ve never cared about the people under my command in any game more than in Frostpunk. The window-dressing isn’t perfect. Aspects of the experience are frustrating; a couple of failed games can leave one a tiny weeny bit annoyed. I am not even sure if some of the scenarios are even possible! Yet if the perfect game is a series of choices where every choice has meaning, then Frostpunk is it.”

The Game Experience is Good

Exequielborghi reviewed the game by saying that, “This game is pretty good and enjoyed the whole experience. As far I concern, what makes this game worth my time is that the game is always on the verge of a catastrophe. You will never be safe or stay still and watch how the community grows (like City skyline). You will never have enough resources or the manpower to progress and you will have to choose carefully what to sacrifice in order to gain some profit.

The story is linear but you have to make choices along the game that changes the outcome of the story. Esthetics are awesome (Sort of post-apocalyptic, futurist victorian London). Good music, immersive gameplay, you get carried away by the drama of survival”

Too Simplistic

Rlot Pixel is slightly disappointed and reviews, “Nice-looking and highly original, Frostpunk is too simplistic for a city-building sim and too shallow to grip you with emotional hooks.”

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The great city building game studio that lets you build and play and is equally fun and innovative game. Let us know your Frostpunk review on the game in the comments below. Do tell us your take on the latest features of the game. For more such information and updates, stay reading us.


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