Game of Sultans Guide, Tips And Tricks

game of sultans guide

I have seen many games, that need us to build the whole new terrain or an empire of our own. These games are always fun to play, and exciting to build new empires. Game of Sultans is one of such games. Such a huge and amazing gameplay is very much successful in keeping oneself busy. If you are a kind of person, who loves to explore your creativity, I would recommend you to try Game of Sultans. You will learn a lot many things while really enjoying your game. Here, I share some Game of Sultans guide, to let you enjoy the game while letting you know a bit about it.

Game of Sultans Guide

Focus on Leveling up Your Character

By leveling up your character, you will certainly have more levies in the Imperial Parliament. And the more the number of soldiers, more are you powerful. To level up your character faster, simply choose the Imperial Levies that give you XP points. Complete the battles in the campaign and use XP boosts in your inventory and you will automatically earn some of these as you keep playing the game. The leveling up of character process is not automatic. You will have to do it by tapping the portrait icon in the upper left corner.

game of sultans guide

Constantly Visit the Imperial Parliament

My favorite and best game of sultans guide are always visiting the Imperial Parliament will give you a huge army set. Till your levies are on way to increment, you will have to do it manually. The army is a very much essential factor for empire building. Hence do not miss on this step.

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Game of Sultans Tips

First Complete Campaign battles

game of sultans guide

I recommend you, complete the battles of the campaign first. As they become increasingly difficult as you advance through the levels and lose hordes of soldiers. They are difficult to defeat and beat. Fight the battles of the campaign only when the missions ask for it. And meanwhile, rebuild your strength. Get into the fight when you are more powerful than your enemies.

Specialize Your Viziers

The main thing you got to focus on is the Military Attributes (fight). Because the others do not seem to have an active effect on the game. In the Game of Sultans, there is also a PvP classification that seems to be related to military attributes. Improve and specialize your viziers by investing in military items and books. As in the real world, so in reel. Books will pay you off, for sure. Hence, invest in them and get rewarded.

Send your Viziers to the Academy

game of sultans guide

Yes, send your Viziers to the Academy to get them better. Invest initially on them, to make them better. It is one of the life-saving Game of Sultans tips that you will seldom get from anywhere.

Check the Items in Your Backpack

Don’t forget to check your backpack. You will often find some rewords and some very useful things right in there. Few military attributes are often there in your backpack. So, keep checking and utilizing them.

Game of Sultans Tricks

How to Get More Soldiers?

The prior step, as discussed earlier, is to visit the imperial parliament. The other ways round to increase the number of soldiers is to be in the game to collect them. Your accomplishment of the mission, is, of course, the thing that will give you more soldiers.

Building your Harem & Getting More Consorts

game of sultans guide

According to me you can build and expand your empire by marrying the Consorts. There are a lot many consorts to marry with. But you have to be that deserving to marry the consort. Your achievements and missions accomplished will be deciding factor for your marriage. Thus you can grow your empire even stronger. Always remember this game of sultans guide.

Heirs & Kingdom Power

Heirs are the most essential factor of the game to grow the empire. They impart the power to the empire. You can grant the Heirs adulthood, as and when you find it essential. Your empire will thus be delegated by them, further.


Game of Sultans is an awesome game to indulge in for long. You need to have a proper planning before you even start playing. If you are going to play the game, for the very first time, just try to increase your power. Later on, you will learn how to play and survive. And how to build the empire. You can enjoy the life of the King trying to build and grow his own Empire. The Game of Sultans guide will surely help you in initiating the game. Further, you can implement Game of Sultans tricks and tips, to nail the game. Let us know your take on the game, and do share a few tips and tricks if got with you, in the comments below. For more such updates, tips and tricks, stay reading us.


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