I will be honest, there is no hassle free way of getting Minecraft cape free. I mean, there are some other ways. With or without mods but chances are you will have to scout the internet for a few free ways. And, even if you get it, it will not be free or it will not be legit.

But, for my easy tutorial is getting yourself the Minecraft cape free, there are few things you would have to know by now. Probably you already do, but here it is for beginners anyway.

What is a Minecraft Cape?

If you are looking to get a Minecraft cape for free, chances are you should know what a cape really does. It is mainly a symbol of status. You will find when playing in the realms, if you have a cape you are deemed really important.

How to Get a Minecraft Cape Free?

Do Minecraft cape generators work? Well somewhat but yet, that too is a mod. There are many advanced cape mod available which can be gotten for free too.

Can I Get a Cape in Minecraft with No Mods?

How to get a cape in Minecraft without Mods? Well the easy answer is you can’t. Anybody tell you they can get one for you, meaning that is some form of a modification or cheating too.

Believe me with the fan cult that Minecraft has they will tell you a lot of things. But, it is impossible to get a Minecraft cape free without a Mod. Also, it is also impossible to get a Minecraft cape and have everyone see it. Only the people with the mod installed in their game will be able to see it. Sad, but that’s just how it is.

So, how do you exactly get your Minecraft cape seen? Well the answer is, if you get a cape from MineCon. You know Comicon? Well, this is the same, just for Minecraft users around the world, hosted in different cities and places through the year. How to get one from here? Will tell you in details in the following.

So, here is exactly how you can get a cape in Minecraft free.

Minecraft Capes

MinecraftCapes is one of the most legit Mod available right now that allows you to design your own capes. Of course as I mentioned your cape can only be seen by people who have downloaded the same mod. You also get Minecraft skins with cape here.

What’s really cool, is that this is free. Absolutely. You can choose from their 461,766 custom capes or even design one of your own. You can easily download this Mod form their website, but I would suggest not to download the other mod available there called Optifine.

You can just download the Mod and the Minecraft Forge. It is easy, because this is also works as a PC mode which means, you just download these and launch it. You get to choose or make your own cape and just click the tab ‘Apply‘.

It seems all good but, you have to end paying $10 for a Minecraft cape. That is just highway robbery.

MineCon Cape

First of all, allow me to do away with the hoax that there are no more Minecraft capes. As, I mentioned above, you already know what a MineCon is. This relative easy.

  • Find an official MineCon event close to you
  • Log in and buy tickets for the event with your Minecraft registered email
  • Once you get your tickets scanned at the entry point, you get a cape code that you have to redeem.

You can also earn a cape by getting involved in the development and communication of Minecraft. But with the amount of players around the world swamping the threads and forums, your chance to land a cape that way would be next to impossible.

Whether it in MineCon 2017, MineCon 2018 all events of Minecraft give out capes upon being part of the event.

Top 10 Moments of Minecon 2018 Live Event

Here is latest Minecon Earth 2018 Livestream Replay:

Minecraft Cape on Consoles


Because, you would have to by a Mincecraft skin with capes. So, all you have to do is log on to your console and go to the Minecraft store and buy a skin pack that includes a cape with it.

You can apply this skin by just going to your ‘Change Skin‘ tab and click on ‘Apply‘.

Final Words

Well, those were the 100% legit ways of getting a Minecraft cape free. You can try and see other Minecraft cape generators and if any are not a rip off, do let me know in the comments section.




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