If you are a game additive person then you have definitely experienced many daring games, but now to enhance the adventurous factor for your gaming experience, I am going to introducing the best adventurous game knows as “God of War”. God of War is one of the amazing adventurous game full of action and multiple encounters in the whole game. God of War based upon the story of revenge and belongs to old Greek methodology. So many activities within the encounter experience category usually restrict their concentrate so incredibly to either the fight or puzzle-solving aspect, while developing the level of battle as little more than a postscript while God of War does nothing of the type. While God of War is the combinations of both factors.

God of War

The game changes it into an awesome encounter loaded to the top with the over-the-top fight, complicated issues same as the awesome development ideas. God of War goes itself around the assessments and issues of Kratos,  who is physically strong enough to fight and have pale skinned incredibly like a Soldier who is at the starting of the experience is near devastation. The primary story of the experience goes around Kratos procedure an objective from the gods of Olympus to quit the rebel god Ares from risky the town of Athens.

The main aspect that makes Kratos awesome despite the terrible and unforgiving perform is how much of a finish badass he is. In battle, Kratos is a thoroughly able knight and have a gadget with a big sized weapon like a wide range of ax like rotor blades which are known as the blades of problem. The blades rotors of the problem aren’t the only weapons. As your achievements, you’ll sometimes encounter one of the many gods of Olympus, who are only too pleased to aid you in your wish to remove Ares.

Each god will provide for you a new program when you encounter him or her. Like “Zeus” character of the game gives you the energy to toss nails of electricity and the other character “Hades” allows you launch the emotions of the underworld and the other one “Artemis” provides a huge knife to use as an alternative to the rotor blades.

In the God of War game Along with the rotor blades of the problem, all these weapons and magic types can be enhanced via the red orbs you collect that providing you with greater attack extensive wide range and more energy whenever you need during the game experience. Each of the different types of magic is useful in its own right, and none seems needless at all. The combination of different magic, along with the item battle, creates an excellent extensive wide range of hits that turn Kratos into a serious energy to be considered with. To put it in no unclear conditions, this is one of the best action encounter activities on the PlayStation 2, and it should not be skipped.


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