Best Farm that you have ever seen. Yeah! You read it right. I welcome you to play one of the most popular farming games on your smartphones, pc and tablet. Because of its popularity, you can play hay day video game in more than 122 countries.

Similar to other farm games, you must learn how to lay off your land, trade goods with your friends and tend to your crops. In this game, your harvest will never die even if there is no rain. In addition to this, if you to get more fun with this game then don’t forget to share it with your animals.

hay day
hay day

Quick Cheats to Play Hay Day

Make Fast Money

Before playing this game, let’s be honest with yourself for a moment. Why do you want to play this game? Well, to make money for yourself at a much faster pace. Although you will earn in-game money, I would love to make real money too. The best way for you to earn in-game cash is by planting a crop of wheat. The apparent reason is that anyone can afford to purchase this game.

So, as the time passes by and your crops of wheat grow, you must harvest them and later sell them as per your requirement. Although it’s quite an easy way for you to make some in-game cash for some users, this might be one of the tedious tasks to do.

However, if you already invested most of your land in the farming money, then you can use your extra money to buy more properties. By doing so, you will get more opportunity to grow and harvest your crop of wheat.

Grab Some Diamonds

Have you played Hay Day before? If not, then let me inform you that in-game coins play an essential role in Hay Day. However, if you compare it with the diamonds, they have fewer values. So, make sure to collect as much as diamonds you can while playing the game. Besides, if you can’t do that much of the hard work than Of course, you can always purchase the diamonds using your real money.

Don’t Rush A Sale

At some point of time in the game, you might find yourself in a situation where someone wants to buy your goods at low cost or the less than the amount you expected. So, instead of rushing yourself for sale, I advise you to hold on for some time and wait for some better offers.

Besides, make sure that you regularly maintain your game. Because if you do as I say then you will never be in a desperate need of money. Otherwise, you might come to a situation where you are forced to sell yours at a lower price. However, for the best prices, you can also try to sell your crops at roadside shops.

Maintain Crops

Instead of maintaining your crops., if you decide to pull all the triggers, then this may limit your overall growth in the long term. So, you have to make sure that some seeds are already left in your silo. Don’t ever sell them. However, if you do, then you have to perform another purchase form another farmer at much more higher rates.

To make sure that you get realistic gameplay as you play this game, the developers have built a natural flux of supply and demand. In case you don’t know what flux is then let me simplify you by giving the reference of Economics 101. Still didn’t understand? Well, as per Economics 101, when the demand is high, but the supply is low, then purchase the product when the market is small, and supply is high. If you follow these instructions, then you will be way ahead in this game. Also, that too beyond your expectations.


You can download this game on your smartphone and PC from the links provided by me given below. However, before you download this game on your devices, let’s find out some of the essential features of this game-

  • The growth of your farm will depend only on you. So, customise your farm the way you want and produce some results.
  • Use your roadside shop as a medium to trade fresh goods and crops with your friends and neighbours.
  • Hay Day allows you to fulfil all your orders by using truck and steamboat.
  • Repair your dock and try to set a bait for fish.
  • Use your creativity by building your town and welcome all the visitors.

How to Download Hay Day Video Game on PC?

1) Firstly, download the latest version Bluestacks App Player, or you can say Bluestack emulator on your PC. However, as per your requirements, you can download any other emulator on your PC.

2) Click on this Download button, and hay day apk will start downloading in your PC.

3) Open the Apk file and install it in your PC using the installed emulator.

4) Open the game after the installation is successful. It will ask for several necessary permissions. Kindly allow them to install the app.

5) Build beautiful farms and grow as much crop you want.

Final Words

To sum up, I would say that if you love to play the games that test your creativity than hay day is a perfect game for you. Build a farm and start growing crops as per your needs. Besides, for any question, you contact us by commentating below.


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