After the release of Battlefield 4, there were many conflicts between the players on which version of the game is better. Usually, the succeeding version of the game is believed to serve well, but Battlefield 4 vs Battlefield 3 is a new battle these days. Few of them got some genuine reasons – why Battlefield 3 is still better than battlefield 4. However, Battlefield 4 has its own perks and sadly its own falls as well. Let us have a brief look at what measures Battlefield 4 is better than Battlefield 3. The article is about on what aspects, Battlefield 4 is better than its preceding version.

Battlefield 4 vs Battlefield 3

The following points focus on BS4 vs BS3 and how BS4 has improved on some aspects.

In the Game, Credit for High-Assist Damage Gets Counted as a Kill

In the Battlefield 4 gameplay, we get a fair credit for a kill. The credit points were always mysterious. The high-assist damage did not impart the justified credits. However, in the BS4, this issue is resolved on a greater extent.

More Weapons, Attachments, and Accessories to Choose From

battlefield 4 vs battlefield 3

Games like Battlefield need some really cool weapons. Without weapons, the game is lame. Few added on weapons consists of several types of suppressors, under barrel grips, and sights which all function a bit differently. Several new weapons are added which were not available in BS3

Commander Mode

The Commander mode is an additional option of gameplay that was not available in BF3. The mode is more of a style. The strategy works in the commander mode. Commander asks to support the players to their own squad and lets the player make their own decisions.

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Obliteration Game Mode

Obliteration is a mode of the BS4 that is amusing and thrilling. You will love the experience of the mode.

Test Range Mode

There is a wide range of vehicles to apply, test and practice. Earlier, in BS3, it was like aircraft bursting without any notice. Test Range mode now prepares you well to be prepared for the attack.

ATVs Brought Back From BFBC and Several Other Vehicles to Choose From

ATVs were damn good in BFBC and would let you transport to a remote location with the amazing speed. Many of you would have been disappointed to find that ATVs are not been featured in BS3. Now they are back, with a number of different boats and vehicles.

New Maps to Play

battlefield 4 vs battlefield 3

Playing on the newly drafted map is bliss for Battlefield fans. In case you are a dead-hearted player for BS3, you would love the map change. And will get indeed more addicted to the game.

The Player That Just Killed You is Highlighted in Red From a First-Person Perspective

Now you have a revenge factor in the game. And it made a ease for you, to take a revenge by spotting the exact location.

Recon Class are Able to use C4

The Dice options that the BF3 offered for Recon were not that satisfactory. Recon class now for BS4 features the C4 for loadout.

All Game Modes for All Maps

No bars and restrictions of modes on maps as on BS3. You can enjoy any mode and map in BS4.

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Thus BF4 is better and improvised than BF3 on some aspects. However, on a few other aspects, players are finding BS3 to be better than the BS4. Let us know your take on Battlefield 4 vs Battlefield 3. Drop a comment down to tell which one is your personal favorite version and why. Which all features you really admire you BS4? Would like to back to the previous version? Let us know your reviews in the comments below. Also, share with us, your honest opinion on the BS4. For more such information, reviews and updates, stay reading us,



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