How Tik Tok is Ruining The Life Of Young Generation?

Tik Tok
Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a very popular app it gives a social platform the app have inbuilt features which provide different animation effects and background music which helps in making short video clips popularly called lip sync. The app came in limelight in 2016 till now it has become the most loved video-making platform. It is a viral application among youth as they enjoy stardom just by making entertaining videos using platform. Bringing out creativity from youth is good but on the other hand, the app is making youth attention centric due to this they are ready to do anything in order to gain more attention of users.

Even some teens are making sexually explicit content by using application that can harm their thought making the process. Do not worry about knowing the last statement you will get to know several other shocking effects that are being made on youth. Just only by making this app an essential part of their lifestyle. But today we will make you aware of every possible bad effect that is affecting youth. This will help you to make yourself and your small ones in your home safe.

Tik Tok
Tik Tok

Adverse effects of Tik Tok on youth

After Indonesia, the government of India also banned this app in the country. These restrictions are made after seeing various adverse effects on teens and kids. The listed adverse effects of Tik Tok are as follows:

Fake Accounts

There are several government policies and legal restrictions that restrict kids and teens from joining social media platform that is fit for adults only. Most of the social media platform follow these policies but this is not seen in the case of Tik Tok one can see children making offensive videos. So, as a result, teen girls make seductive videos and adults stock them.

Unregulated Connections

On Tik Tok, one can easily chat with anyone which can be a danger for young kids. As an unknown person with wrong intentions can approach them and push them in adultery acts. Even one can watch any video available on the platform without any age restriction can affect their psychological state.

Diffusing IQ levels

As per various researches conducted on the use of social media proves that using social media for really long can diffuse your IQ level. Tik Tok has become a trend among youth especially kids but using that will result in diminishing their IQ levels.

Addiction is Bad

Using anything unregulated can lead to an addiction which is bad. This will kill their creativity and cuts them off from the real world. Which will lead to wastage of time, on the other hand, the same time can be used to learn a new skill. This will deplete their moral values and traditions.


Tik Tok is not fit for use by teens and kids as it will harm their psychological state. That will affect their thought making process resulting in loss of innocence. Changing their thought making process will make them dumb as they are participating in adult activities. But they don’t have enough experience or exposure to life.

This inefficiency will result in blackmailing, honey traps, etc. By going through the above content you will make your nearby kids safe from this harmful app named Tik Tok. Still, have any questions unanswered mention it in the comment box below. We will try our best to answer that in upcoming blogs. Stay safe Enjoy life.



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