Do you like to play video games? If yes, then what do you need the most to enjoy your games at fullest? I know your answer (just read your mind), good RAM and a graphics card. So your first concern, while, you play a game is what graphics card do you have? Does it support DirectX12?

Windows 10 offers DirectX 12, that gives its user the best gaming experience with higher performance.

Before I go further, I would love it what stars of knowledge you are going to have in this article: how to check, does your graphics card support Direct X12, list of Graphics Card that supports it.

Windows 10 and DirectX 12: The Relation

Microsoft has updated it’s gaming component with DirectX 12, exclusively for Windows 10. Unlike past versions DirectX, the tool uses built-in hardware more efficiently giving unbelievably amazing experience in gaming.

Multicore CPU’s have addressed an increase in performance, and benefits asynchronous shader technology. But the condition to install DirectX 12 is, your graphic card must support it. You can check it in just a few clicks. Let me show you.

How to Check Whether Your Graphics Card Support DirectX 12 in Windows 10

Uh Oh! You’re not a software engineer? Don’t worry about it, you don’t even need him. It’s really very easy to check whether your Graphics Card supports DirectX 12 in Windows 10. All you need to do this:

1. Open the box in the taskbar available at the left side of your screen.

2. Type Run in the box and give your laptop or computer the command ‘dxdaig’.

3. Windows 10 will determine your command and if it configures the toll it will display the below picture

How To Check My Graphics Card Support DirectX12 1

If your Windows 10 does not determine it will display you the following picture

How To Check My Graphics Card Support DirectX12 2

If your laptop shows you II image then and you need to check do you have an appropriate graphics card.

Both of the screenshots have been taken from two different laptops.

You can find whether your graphics card supports DirectX 12 or not you need to you go to your PC and discover it with a right-click.

To check whether a graphics card is DirectX 12 compatible, it should support features like 11.0 and 11.1 the feature point o and 12.1 gives you some additional effects on the game So you can say that DirectX 12 is twofold support

Feature levels 11.4 and 11.1 gives you the advantage to use DirectX new features what still need feature levels 12.0 and 12.1.

I have already shared if your PC or laptop does not have any graphics card compatible to DirectX then you might think to add a new one before that you should know which graphics cards will be compatible to DirectX.

List Of DirectX 12 Compatible Graphics card

You are already thinking to add a new graphics card to your PC you can refer the following list. The list will help you to find all the supported map with respective feature levels.

Graphics card from AMD

mapFeature Levels
Radeon HD 7000 Levels11.1
Radeon R7 240,250,26511.1
Radeon R9 270,28011.1
Radeon HD 779012.0
Radeon R7 260, 360,37012.0
Radeon R9 290,295Xx, 39012.0
Radeon R9 28512.0
Radeon R9 38012.0
Radeon Fury12.0
Radeon Nano12.0

Graphics card from Nvidia

mapFeature levels
GeForce 400 series11.0
GeForce 405 series11.0
GeForce GTX 500 series11.0
GeForce GTX 600 series11.0
GeForce GTX 700 series11.0

Comparing AMD and Nvidia you can say that AMD is far ahead. Also, Nvidia does not support Asynchronous Shaders.

Benefit that you can get from Nvidia GPU: Feature is 12.1 which is still unavailable in AMD Cards.

Final Call

Now, you know: how to check your graphic card has DirectX 12 access. You also got a list for different graphics card with their feature levels.

If you still have any question comment us below I will cover that in my next article.

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