With the growing insecurity, damage to property and people, daring attackers, a storage cabinet must be covered and perfectly secure. Moving companies own or rent warehousing warehouses for the purpose of trading.

In the case of BIARD DEMENAGEMENT which has a large network of agencies in France and overseas, this is a mandatory commercial offer.

How to Choose Your Furniture Storage?

When the circumstances require it, the customer will of course contact his mover. It will require precise information on the two main criteria: local covered and optimal security of the premises and their immediate environment. Then he will question the company on its pricing and the elements taken into account to establish it. This will give him the opportunity to compete and review the terms of the insurance policies underwritten by the owner of the premises.

In case of disaster, depredations, losses or thefts, according to what criteria are the owners of the stored goods compensated? How are the furniture protected inside the premises? Are they safe from clashes on the passage of handling equipment?

On the hygrometric level, how is the room located? ; Is the bbq adequate clean and in good condition?

How is Batch Labeling Done For Later Recognition?

Is the entire pending move still grouped and easily accessible for total or partial recovery? Is the moving carrier still fully liable for the goods if it uses a subcontractor? What happens in the event of seizure or embargo on the warehouse?

These are the elements that should guide customers in their search for a good furniture storage. And these are the questions that a company like BIARD DEMENAGEMENT has answered in advance, in the interest of its customers.


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