Data security is the main issues for most users who don’t want to share their data with anyone. There is an option for those users in Windows 8 who want to hide their data from others access. For this purpose, they can use the option of   “Hide folders” in the Window Explorer present in Windows 8.this option was not also available in previous Window versions. So to perform this task they have to better know the way How to hide or show files and folders in Window 8.

The Old Way to Hide Folders:

You ever perform this function of hiding folders by following these steps.

  • First of all, you have to put your desired files in a folder and place them in any drive where you want.
  • Then you have to Go to the folder and right click on the folder a pop-up window appeared before you.
  • Choose properties option from the pop-up window that was placed at the end of the window.
  • Properties window appeared before you. Now you have to simply check the box of “hide folder” option.  

The New Way to Hide Folders in Window 8:

Window 8 comes with many new features which make the user experience better than ever before. In windows 8 you can also hide your folders by following quick way. You have to simply follow a few steps to make your files hidden.

Step 1: First of all you have to open “Window Explorer” to access your file or folder. You can open this window by clicking the explorer icon present on the taskbar and you can also fast access the Window Explorer by using the shortcut (Window key +E)

Step 2: Go to the “view tab” manually or press (Alt +V) to show all options of view.

Step 3: In the view options check the “hidden items” checkbox and also check the “File name extension” option. You can hide by simply pressing “HS” key. A confirmation box will assure you that you have successfully done you function now click “OK”.

The New Way to Show Hidden Folders in Window 8:

1.     Follow step 1 and 2 mentioned above to reach to the folder options.
2.     Then simply press “HS” key again to make them visible or use “HH” to keep them hide or unhide further.

Advanced Setting to Show or Hide Folders:

1.     For the further advanced setting, you have to click the “options” icon from the view bar.
2.     Select the “Change folder or search option”.
3.     Go to the view tab in “folder options”.
4.     Check the all desired functions checkboxes to make your folders hide or show. This advanced setting is same as in the previous Windows.

After following the simple steps of  How to hide or show files and folders in Window 8 now you are now able to successfully hide your important data from others.


I will recommend you to encrypt your file or folder and apply a password for getting more security to your data.


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