The places which are dark and hidden has a special essence of mixed feelings. Have you ever felt both, cozy and frightened, when in dark phase? Well, that is simply an effect of the dark theme on your mind. It imparts a feeling of coziness, giving you confidence. And at the same time, makes you frightened by needing you to be more aware. There are many games with a dark theme, for a reason. One of them is Soul Knight. Soul Knight game has all its stages with dark and deep effects. That creates a specific aura of the game around. Moreover, the sound effects seem to be adding an extra thrill to the theme. If you are a beginner, I will guide you through – how to play Soul knight on PC.

How To Play Soul Knight On Pc | Soul Knight Guide

In case, you are a beginner, here are a few soul knight guide, tips, and tricks for you to understand, how to play the game and survive farther. There a lot many phases and hidden places in the Soul Knight game for you to encounter. Let us have a look at them one by one and step by step to understand thoroughly. Soul Knight on PC needs to have the emulator installed first if you have not already. And well, that is the very first step to do when playing Soul Knight on PC.

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1. Set up a Game on Your PC

The Soul Knight apk has an option for letting your friend join in with you to play a game. Make sure your friend has Soul Knight apk downloaded. And you both need to have an emulator like Nox player or bluestack or any other of your choice that is compatible.

2. Invite Your Friend

Choose the multiplayer option before starting the soul knight game. The option will be flashed on your home screen. Make sure, you select the multiple player options. And invite your friend over, to play a game. One will be the host of the game, the other one will join the game. And you both will start as a team together.

3. Early stages are simple

soul knight on pc

As mentioned, the game has a dark and deep effect. The early stages of the game are very easy to crack. The Soul Knight on PC gets tougher as you conquer the level of stages. Same logic goes with every other game.

4. In the Mid Stages of the Game – Save Your Power

There is a high probability that you will be running out of power in the mid stages of the game. And habitually as early stages, you will not be saving any. Hence, try to save you power in the middle stages of soul knight game.

soul knight on pc

5. Get some powerful weapons for yourselves

soul knight on pc

I recommend you to beweaponed powerfully. So that ultimately you become powerful and it makes your survival a bit easier.

6. Make Yourself Some Good Money

By selling some goodies, you can make yourself some amount of money. And can use that money to purchase a weapon. The more powerful one.

7. Don’t use Weapons That Cost Too Much Energy

soul knight on pc

Try to avoid using weapons simply because you have them. Be wise enough to decide which weapon to use against which enemy. Remember, enemies, are stronger.

8. Once You Have Survived Till the End – Place a Magic Stone With Grace

It is time to celebrate! Once you have made it till the last, you got to place a magic stone in the middle of the temple with grace and pride. Bravo! Well played. Well survived.

Video Guide To Play Soul Knight On PC


To sum up it all, Soul knight on PC is super fun game to play with the essence of thrill. I would recommend you to play with your friends to enjoy it to the fullest. With these simple, yet useful tricks, you can surely conquer the game. I wish you all the best for the same. If you have been playing the game since long, share your experiences with us in the comments below. Also, let us know your reviews on the game. For more such updates and tricks on the game, stay reading us.


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