How to Recover Your Scratched CD with Toothpaste

Scratched CD

If you are losing your important data due to the scratches on your CD or your CD/DVD drive of the laptop is unable to read the data from CD then no need to worry because now I have a solution of your problem. I will guide how you can Recover Your Scratched CD or made it again readable for your DVD drive. If your CD is producing these types of reading error and not running smoothly or creating a problem in audio or video playing then put it out from the DVD drive and observe its surface. After deep observation of your CD/DVD in light, if you find scratches on its body then follows the simple steps:

If you observe you CD is full of dust and its dirt is also can create resistance in smooth running or data reading to resolve this problem You can wash your CD with any detergent or water in a smooth way so that you don’t cause scratches on the surface while washing. This way all the dirt on the CD will be removed now put it inside the DVD room and play it. Hope now it will work fine after Recover Your Scratched CD.

Scratched CD

But if you feel a lot scratches on the plastic surface layer then you have to make it fine so that the laser beam of DVD drive could easily access the metal layer where the original data resides. For accessing the metal layer the plastic layers must be in fine order free of scratches. For making the plastic layer way smooth you can use toothpaste. Yes, the same toothpaste that you daily use in your everyday life. For recovering your scratched CD put some amount of toothpaste on the CD and rubs it gently for as much time when you will feel that the entire stretchered are removed now. The toothpaste works as a polish on the CD and made it clean and smooth.

After performing the following step to Recover Your Scratched CD now put your CD inside the CD room for testing purpose and you will happy to see that your scratched CD which was before unable run now working smoothly and playing all media without any flaw whether is a video or audio media CD.


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