A lot of times, we quit after doing a lot of hard work. Sometimes, when we start anything, we make lot of assumptions such as it will give us money overnight or easily, it’s easy to done and then we find it complicated and hard. At this stage of time, lot of you quits but what’s better than not quitting. Today, in this article, I will tell you “How to Recycle your content”.

Almost all of us forgot this important part of our hardwork. We leave the website as it is and one day, the content got expired. Every digital marketing institute or business awareness programs must tell everyone about these step by step guides on recycling the content.

Step by Step Guide on How to Recycle Your Content?

One way to leverage your work is to recycle your content. After all, you have already worked hard researching, creating and polishing the contents for your website, your reports, your series of e-mails, your e-books and / or for any other information product in which you have invested time and resources . Why not look for alternative ways to take advantage of what you already have?

Then the First Five of Ten Ideas For This Purpose:

1. Re-package the content of your site into products that you can sell or perhaps give away in order to obtain subscribers for your mailing list. You can create electronic books with the audio transcription that you have, audio-books of a book or report that you have written, workshops, videos or any combination of the above with your content.

2.- If you have a report of several pages or even an ebook, divide it into different parts and use them as promotional items. Then, send them to other sites or electronic publications (ezines) for advertising purposes, adding at the end your “bio” or “resource box”. Do not forget to include a live link pointing to your site.

3.- Invite people to reference or link the content of your site. This is a quick way to get incoming leagues. For this technique to work, it is essential to have content that is good “bait” to “fish” leagues (“link bait“). Original content, useful or controversial, usually work well to attract leagues.

4.- Combine different parts of your website and create an electronic book that you can sell. It is not about selling your free content, but if you add elements and ample information, you can easily create an information product to sell. Do not discard this way of making a profit.

5.- Make a compilation of material for a free e-book and then send it to e-book directories. Use it as a bonus when people subscribe to your electronic newsletter or convert it into a Viral Marketing tool. There are multiple possibilities here.

6.- Use your free content to present your product and / or the privileged content that can be found on your membership site. Simply add a small mention indicating that there is the possibility of obtaining more information about the subject, through your paid product or on your exclusive site for members.

7.- You can use part of the content of your pages, your reports or your electronic books in your “Auto-Responder”. This is a very simple way to create a series of messages that will serve you to maintain contact with your subscribers, develop a relationship with them and present your products or services.

8.- Create a bonus with part of the content of your main product. It can serve as an incentive for those who buy other products you sell or to encourage people to subscribe to your mailing list.

9.- If your content has news value, use it to create a press release and publish it on sites like hitechgazette.com. This can bring a good amount of qualified traffic to your site. Do not forget to mention the address of your site in the press release but be careful not to sound like a simple advertisement.

10.- Exchange content with other websites. This gives you the opportunity to get new content and promote your website at the same time.



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