Many times this situation rises that your computer starts behaving annoying and you become frustrated. This situation occurred due to virus and malware attack. Your screen starts showing unwanted popup windows and it creates an interruption in your work. But now If you are facing the situation of virus or malware attack on your laptop then you no need to worry today I am going to guide you How to remove virus or malware by System Restore and how you can save your laptop from the weird situation.

Systems Restore:

Some virus has the ability to install itself on your computer and after they once install them, every time they come in an active state whenever you boot your laptop. So to remove it or to bring your computer in its previous best configuration state you can use system restore option which is provided in your window. You can perform a system restore by following the date when you were not facing this situation because system restore option brings back you in previous good state and will rollback its registry.

I will recommend you to use system restore option during running your window in safe mode.

How to Access Safe Mode:

How to remove virus or malware by System Restore you must know about the safe mode of a window. It’s so simple to access safe mode option by following these steps:

  • Boot up your laptop
  • When the logo will disappear, press F8.
  • A black color window will appear before you and will show some boot options.
  • Choose the safe mode from the listed options.
  • Press enter to boot your window in safe mood.

How to Access System Restore in Safe Mode of Window:

The safe mode window desktop interface will be nearly the same as your window but with a slight difference. In safe mode you can better resolve the problem occurred in your computer .to access the system restore option to follow it:

  • Go to “Start” button
  • A popup window will appear before you now take your cursor to the “All programs”.
  • The next popup list will also show you option take cursor to the “Accessories “option.
  • A further dropdown list will be popup now from them go to the “System tools”.
  • At last from the next popup window, you have to select “System Restore” option.

Now finally you reach to the point where you have to perform the final operation. System restore window will be opened before you after your last selection.

 How to Configure System Restore:

When you will get the access to the System restore window then you have to configure its options according to your desire. How to remove virus or malware by System Restore purpose The window will offer you some options and from them, you have to make your selection.

1.     Restore my Computer to an Earlier Time:

If you select it, it will take you to the next window where you have to choose the date when your computer was working fine without any problem. The system restores will roll back your computer configuration to that specific date.

2.     Create a Restore Point:

In the create restore point option you can specify the description of the restore point then your computer will automatically create a restore point at regular or scheduled time bases.

After the system restore had done you have to simply reboot your computer. Thus By following How to remove virus or malware by System Restore guide you can stop your virus being active on boot time. After it, you can manually remove the files created by the virus.


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