Introduction to the Humble Bundle:

Humble Bundle is a very innovative idea of selling video games online. As we all know that in the current phase of life people are preferring online shopping more than any other mode of shopping because it is time-saving and easy. Humble Bundle provides you such an opportunity where you can shop the games online. It is a digital store where you will find a collection of games sold at a price determined by the purchaser & some part of the sale is given for the charity and rest is distributed between the game developers. This concept was initially run by Wolfire games in 2010. Humble Bundle was made to manage the payment, promotion, and distribution of the bundles.

The games of the humble bundle are made in such a manner that it supports Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux provided without digital route management. Initially, bundle drew the attention of media for crossing $1million in the sale. Slowly and gradually the games were expanded and they started including the games from established developers as well.

This humble bundle supports many charitable organizations such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, American Red Cross, Action Against Hunger, Child’s Play, Wikimedia Foundation and many more. If we talk about the charitable contribution of the humble bundle, by the end of October 2014 participation of developers has crossed $ 100 million and by September 2017 the total charitable amount raised by humble bundle exceeded 100 million across 50 different countries. The headquarter of the humble bundle is in San Francisco, California and more than 50 employees are working with it.

Humble Bundle

Background of Humble Bundle:

The idea of this concept was developed by Jeff Rosen of Wolfire Games. Rosen was inspired for this concept from the similar bundle package named Steam platform. Actually, the steam platform is a digital distribution platform which allows people for matchmaking services, video streaming, social networking services it also provides features such as automatic updating of games, friend list, and group chat functionality etc. So, Rose noted that such concept of sale would become viral on the internet. Therefore, Rosen started dealing with the independent developers and got connected with them the best example is his own brother David was a game tester for the Penumbra series.

Now, it has been seen that Penumbra’s composer is contributing to “Wolfire Games” in their upcoming games project “overgrowth”. Wolfire has also teamed with “Unknown Worlds entertainment” to offer bundle games of their natural selections. It is a multiplayer game which has two teams one of human other of aliens.

In this game, the human team fights with an alien team in order to save the natural resource and save the territory. Both the teams in this game try to destroy the base of each other Essentials required for both the teams are different such as Marines rely on guns and other technological assistance & alien rely on melee attacks also few of them can walk on walls, fly. Players also have currency rights through which they can buy better equipment’s.

humble bundle

With the inspiration taken from other independent developers, Rosen was able to assemble the packages, and with the help of merchant sales such as Amazon Payments and Google Checkout they were able to make their sale because these merchants minimize the distribution and transaction cost. The site has now added the option to pay via bitcoin only.

Rosen also focused that sale would increase if the process of purchasing game would be simple including the component such as user account registration. Rosen also included the donation to the charity option with the help of which purchaser can decide what to distribute among the developers and charities. The effort shown by Rosen was successfully implemented when this game was bought to the hospitalized children and helped in their entertainment.

The main punch behind this project “pays what you want” firstly created the situation of dilemma that purchaser can give the money to the charity only but Rosen considered that if this would happen it would be the success of the sale, not a failure. Rosen with the help of Wolfire employees teamed to work for technical support for sale they handled thousand plus emails of the purchaser and dealt with them through emails and chat sessions for sale.

After the success of humble bundle, Rosen with Graham began planning for second bundle games which were launched in December 2010 & was raised to $ 1.8 million. Rosen and Graham acted as the founder of this second humble offer. Later on, Sequoia Capital has invested $ 4.7 million capital into the humble bundle by April 2011 post that Rosen & Graham hired staff to handle the request of Client timely and help them accurately.

In October 2017 humble bundle was acquired by IGN entertainment a subsidiary of Ziff Davis. Now humble bundle is working as a separate entity with IGN entertainment and there are no changes planned in near short-term duration. In fact, at present, both are looking for new business opportunities.

Graham the founder of the humble bundle has accepted that after IGN acquiring their company, it has helped them in increasing their sale and both the motives of organization which is sale and charity is moving faster and better now.

Humble bundle with its developers determines which game to be included in the package. Their scheduling and availability are also looked upon. Before the bundle goes live, the team takes one month at least in scheduling and checking the availability of games. The focus of the team is always to excite the users and include such games which create interest for gamers to play the game.

The purchaser has the right to raise the prize for the bundle game packages. Also, you must be aware that android base bundles were first launched in January 2012. These bundles do not have the feature to get redeemed from play store but these allow the user to download the humble bundle which downloads the Android application package file directly to the users mobile phone, also some bundles are formed keeping the point in mind that bundle must work on both android and windows application.

How Humble Bundle Works?

You will have to create your account for purchasing humble bundle offers. After creating your account, you will get access to your account where you can store games which you have purchased and you can play them later. The humble bundle also offers 5% cashback in wallet credit for shopping. Before account creation, it will ask you to agree on terms and conditions and post that your account will get created. You should be 13 years old at least for creating an account and that is mandatory

  • Enter your Email address and password and your account will get created.
  • After entering your details, you will get diverted to where it will ask you to re-enter your email ID so that they can send activation link on your email ID.
  • After receiving that link, you will have to click on the link so that it can get verified.
  • Post this formality your account has been verified and you can easily log into where you can check deals and promotions of humble bundle offers.

Although you can purchase products from the account and store them to play later, sometimes user want the refund for the game which he has purchased so let’s have a look at the refund policy.

Refund Scenario:

Customers ask for refund sometime when they have purchased the game by mistake in that case humble bundle try its best to refund the charges.

It’s important to know little information if you are requesting for an amount reversal:

  1. Email address of the purchaser.
  2. Email address of the recipient.
  3. Transaction ID of the purchase made. (It can be tracked from your registered email ID because at the time of the purchase transaction ID is send on your email address). Note transaction ID is of 13 characters.
  4. URL of the humble bundle.
  5. Other proof of purchases.
  6. They may ask you for several other details so that they can close your case faster.

Important Note: Purchase made through bitcoin is not refundable at present and make sure that claim for refund must be done within 60 days of purchase.

Purchase Not Received:

Sometimes the customer might face the problem that his order has not been received. There are several reasons for the same:

  • There are possibilities that email address given by you was typed wrong. In that case, you can simply call helpdesk of humble bundle and they will fix the issue.
  • The payment made to humble bundle has failed.
  • Your email has been bounced and not received by the employee of the humble bundle.

How to Install Game on Android:

Below mentioned steps can be followed for installing the game on Android phones.

  • Non-market games: Set your cell phone in such a way so that you can download app rather than from play store. Look for the option “unknown resources” which is available in setting option.
  • This will make you download the Android application package from the humble bundle.
  • You will receive the link on your email ID, click on the link and also enter your phone number or email address for downloading the page.
  • Once the download is completed, tap on the entry for the game and then tap on the install button.
  • Your app will be installed in your device by just following the above mentioned simple steps.

You can also receive audiobooks/comics from the humble bundle:

Most of the books come in MP3 format also it comes in pdf format which is readable by most apps and programs.

You can also see your book on android phones by following below mentioned simple steps:

  • You can download your E-book from humble bundle download page; make sure file type should be pdf.
  • Go to google play store in your android cell phone and install adobe reader app.
  • Transfer the PDF file with the help of USB from your PC to the download folder in your device.
  • After opening the adobe reader app go to android device and choose recently. You can select your Ebook from here as per your choice.

Is Humble Bundle Free:

Old Subscriber:

When you subscribe to a game, you are billed for the first time with the help of that payment you can unlock the games and play them. This rule is for the subscriber subscribing it for the first time.

New Subscriber:

You can Unlock Your Games in Two Ways:

Unlock early: you can unlock your games early once your subscription is over, this can be done by visiting the early unlock section.

Auto-renewal mode: Some people want to renew their subscription charges automatically every month. This would take place before seven days before to the launch date if the non-gifted subscription has been activated.

You Can Pay the Charges of Purchased Humble Games With the Help of PayPal or Stripe:

For Stripe: By using credit and debit cards you can pay your monthly subscription charges directly.

For PayPal: You can add your PayPal account into the humble bundle account and do the required payment instantly.

Note: If you want to change your plan you can easily change it for that you need to go to your setting page and click on change my plan this option is available only for current users. You can change your plan but the charges of the new plan will get deducted from the next month on the same date.

The monthly subscription consists of PC games, Mac and Linux compatible games are also included in the package.

Humble Bundle Reddit

When it comes to Humble Bundle on Reddit, the Reddit has got almost all the information about the Humble Bundle. There is a lot of forum on Reddit which have answers to all your queries related to Humble Bundles. Many people are curious to know about the various topics related to Humble Bundle which have not been explained on the official website. They have a lot of questions regarding the various features of Humble Bundle reddit which can be answered only by somebody who has already used those features.

Reddit has got a lot of discussion forums specially dedicated to the various topics on Humble Bundle. Ask whatever your doubts are, share your opinions about the subscription plans, cost, quality of the games and everything you want to know. You will surely get to see a lot of discussions on Reddit related to Humble Bundle. Share your opinions and get all your questions answered on Reddit related to Humble Bundle.

Humble Bundle Free Games

Humble Bundle provides free games to its subscribers with the name of DRM- Free Games. Many purchases from Humble Bundle contain DRM- Free Games which you can download. If you have purchased something from the Humble Bundle free store and your purchase contains a DRM- Free Game, you will get to see it displayed towards the bottom of the download page for your order. In order to see the content displayed, it may be necessary to select the relevant platform.

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If you are not a subscriber of Humble Bundle, you are not eligible to download the DRM-Free Games and you won’t get any as well. Android games, eBooks, and audiobooks/soundtracks are found along with games in the DRM-free section of the page. Below are the steps to download the DRM- Free games if you have received it with your purchase.

To order your Humble Bundle Free Game, open the download page that you received from the Humble Bundle. Always make sure to select the right platform to access the available content. If your purchase includes the steam key as well, scroll below to reach the DRM-Free content. Attached below is the image for your reference

Humble Bundle

As soon as you select your platform, you content will be listed below the choice of the Platform with a Download button placed on your right

Humble Bundle


The space needed to download the game is indicated below the download button. Ensure that you have enough space to download the game and you are all set. Enjoy your Humble Bundle free game.

Humble Bundle Steam:

Steam is a digital platform discovered by Valve Corporation in 2003 for the purpose of distributing games software, hosting multiplayer functionalities and many more. It is just like google play and currently, it is the largest retailer in the digital market for PC based video games.

For using steam, you must have an account created on steam which is absolutely free of cost. You can download the steam app on multiple computers and by log in your account details, you can download games on each PC.

Once you have downloaded the humble bundle steam app enter your login details click the button at the bottom left corner and add a game.

Accepting the truth that slowly and gradually humble bundle expanding its offers to cover all indie gaming needs. You can purchase the game on humble bundle, in the same manner, you can purchase from steam. Developers of the game get 75 percent charities such as American Red Cross, child’s play charity etc. get 10 percent and Humble Bundle gets 15 percent of the profit. The humble bundle has never been so close in competing with steam. Now the question is how to redeem humble bundle on steam.

This is How You can Redeem

Launch the Client and enter your login credentials. Once you have installed the

Steam Client, once you are logged into your account you will see a button in the bottom left corner of the screen which says “+ ADD A GAME” to register the product key to your account. Now, select the “activate a product on steam” in the popup window. If you face any problem with the steam account please check out the steam knowledge base and connect with the support team of steam for quick help.

Humble Bundle Monthly

Humble launched its Humble Bundle Monthly subscription service in October 2015. If you are a subscriber of the Humble Monthly Service, you will receive a curated set of games at the start of each month which will be delivered in a similar manner as other Humble products. In this process, 5 percent of the subscription fees go to the charity.

When you subscribe to the Humble Bundle Monthly, you will get your early unlock as soon as you pay for your subscription which also guarantees that you will receive all the games of that month’s Humble Bundle Monthly. You can cancel your subscription at any time, you will not lose your early access and not even the games that will be released later, even if you had canceled 1 minute after paying for the bundle.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle at this level is able to use some of its money as a fund to develop their own new games called “Humble Originals”, for those subscribers in future Humble Monthlies.

Monthly bundles go live on the FIRST FRIDAY of every month at 10 AM PST. ONE WEEK before the next bundle goes live, you will be charged automatically if you are currently subscribed. If you are sure that you don’t want next month’s bundle, you should unsubscribing/cancel the subscription right away. Alternatively, you can also opt to pay for a 1-month plan.

You can sign up for the variety of Humble Bundle monthly plans now i.e. 1-3-6-12 month plans but you have to pay right away so, if you get the recurring 12-month plan, you must pay for the whole year.

Humble Bundle

Here are the monthly subscription plans

Recurring 1 month plan = $12/month.

Recurring 3 month plan = $11.67/month = $35.01 total.

Recurring 6 month plan = $11.17/month = $67.02 total.

Recurring 12 month plan = $11/month = $132 total.

For more information on the monthly plans, please visit .

Humble Bundle Store

A dedicated Humble Store was launched in November 2013, where single games instead of bundles were put on daily sales, with 10% of the revenues being given to charities including the EFF, American Red Cross, and Child’s Play. Since then, the Humble Bundle Store has never looked back and has become one of the top websites to purchase games from different game developers. Also, the Humble Store supports various charities and it has raised over 4 million dollars as of May 2016

Humble Bundle

The USP of the Humble Bundle is the fact that the price of the bundle of games is determined by the purchaser. The Humble Store is what has kept the Humble Bundle running till now. The store has everything a Gamer usually looks for. You name a game and you will get it at a very decent price and this is the reason, Humble Store is considered as the Gamer’s Paradise. The Humble Store is the extension for the sales system which has been made for managing the Humble Bundles.

The Humble Store helps the Game developers to sell their games directly from their own website. This is a hassle-free as well as an easy process for the Game Developers as they are not dependent on any other website or retailer to sell their games. This seamless process helps even the buyers to purchase games without any problems and hence makes the buying experience painless.

Earlier, if a buyer wanted to purchase a game through Humble Store, he had to explicitly search for the widget for that particular game but now, once the developer has signed on with the Humble Store, they are given a widget by the humble store which they can include in their website. Once the purchaser logs in to their website and click on the widget, he can directly purchase the game from the Humble Store through the widget.

Humble Store is surely a potential competitor to the virtual storefronts like Steam, that offers a more personable level of service to the developers and customers than these larger systems

Humble Bundle created its ‘Gamepages’ in July 2016. It was a service that offered developers that are already using the widget, a dedicated website space to allow them to sell and advertise their games which they made. It was a wonderful opportunity for the developers to market their games to the millions of people using the Humble Bundle.

Alongside the Game Store, Humble Bundle launched a new section for eBooks, Audiobooks and Digital Comics on May 2014 which also became very popular.


Humble bundle offers lots of bundle games now and has achieved this position slowly and gradually by enhancing and upgrading the website with new features. The best example is humble stores which are developed for well managing the humble bundles. In February, humble bundle announced that it will offer publisher services to the developers across multiple platforms including personal computers and mobile phones. Although the large part of the profit is given to the developers at the same time they are giving 10 percent portion for charity which is really a concept which should be appreciated.

Humble Bundle is a platform which unites all the Game lovers across the globe into a single portal where you can not only buy the games but can also be the part of the discussions in the community as well. Also when you are buying games from Humble Bundle store, you are indirectly donating to the charity, as Humble Bundle shares its profits with many charitable organizations.

If you are a game developer, you can develop your games and market them in the Humble Bundle website only. A purchaser can directly purchase your game from the website and you don’t have to make a separate portal for it. Thus, it is a win-win situation for all.



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