Jabra, as we all know, is known for its various kind headphones and earphones which are popular worldwide, hence people know that Jabra audio system is good and rivals the company like Sony and Bose. And that’s what we will tell you about as the Jabra has introduced their all-new true wireless Jabra Elite 85h over-the-ear headphones.

Design and Build Quality:

As a matter of fact, Jabra Elite 85h is 40 gram heavier than Sony WH1000MX3, but it’s not the end of the game as the weight distribution in Jabra is so good that you won’t feel any excessive weight over your head. And if you are fed up with that traditional plastic made built quality, then the Elite 85h is the one for you because they have provided their product with comfy fibre which feels soft and soothing for the ears.

Another feature is that Jabra Elite 85h is also resistant to elements such as raindrops due to Nano-coating fibre on the internal component. And they are comfortable to a degree that if you the headphones continuously for 30min, you won’t feel much of heat in your ear.

Sound quality:

If we talk about the sound quality between Bose qc35, Sony WH1000MX3, and Jabra elite 85h, then Sony takes the leads on the Noise cancellation section and bass-forward, where Jabra is on the second position and Bose, gives the most sound leakage And the same goes for the Active noise cancellation.

But the clash between treble is only between Sony and Jabra as both are opposite in this aspect because Sony maintains the treble at low while Jabra puts the treble in front over the bass.

Additional Features:

  • Jabra Elite 85h has a surprisingly great battery backup which is up to 36 hours of life on paper but in actual use, it gives around 34hours and 12 minutes which is amazing on its own.
  • It is provided with Smartsound option which works on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and that decides which model is suitable for you according to your surroundings.
  • The Jabra Elite 85h is supported with 3.5mm jack for the connecting cable if run out of the battery of its own.
  • The Bluetooth version which is supported on is 5.0 for a better sound clarity experience.
  • It also has a unique feature which is connecting with two devices simultaneously, which is not available in Sony WH1000MX3.
  • Also, Jabra elite 85h is supported with futureproof USB Type-C port while Bose qc35 has outdated micro-USB port.
  • While the Jabra Elite 85h provides access to Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, Sony and Bose only have access to Siri and Google assistant for the latest news feeds and other activities.

 What makes the Jabra Elite 85h better than Sony WH1000MX3 and Bose qc35?

It is the advanced features such as Bluetooth version, multiple wireless connections and also the availability of the latest hardware and software support which is a little bit missing in both Bose and Sony in their current price segment.


If you are just looking for a great audio experience then you can pick the Sony WH1000MX3 which is a smart pick for you in this department but if you want some hard built in the latest software and hardware features which makes up for the Jabra to rival companies like Sony and Bose.

And if we take the price of these products into considerations, then Jabra elite 85h also takes the lead as they are available at $300 which is a way better deal against Bose and Sony brands in the Headphone department. And they are also available in India through e-commerce sites like Amazon.

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