Just Beyond: Disney Planning To For A TV Series Adaptation

It’s official. The House of Mouse streaming platform Disney + has ordered an 8-episode series based on a best-seller by iconic writer RL Stine, the creator of ‘Nightmares’. Titled ‘ Just Beyond ‘, the series will adapt the namesake title of this graphic novel.

The series, which is scheduled to land sometime in late 2021 – if the calendar allows it – will be carried out by the veteran in the genre Seth Grahame-Smith, responsible for works such as’ Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ or ‘ Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ‘ and whose on-screen work we can see as the writer of Tim Burton’s’ Shadowy Shadows’ (2012).

In the graphic story – which contains a total of 7 books – we follow Jess, Josh, and Marco, teenagers who study in high school and who believe that school is the worst place in the world.

Just Beyond: Disney Planning To For A TV Series Adaptation
Just Beyond: Disney Planning To For A TV Series Adaptation

After encountering a horrifying monster that lurks in the halls of their institute, these 3 characters go to a parallel world in which they must discover what secret they hide.

Everything indicates that this new series, which is already anticipating that it will mix horror and comedy, has certain hints of ‘ Stranger Things ‘, although with a more familiar touch typical of the platform on which it will be broadcast.

And if we consider the original material on which it is based, it is likely that the 8 episodes that already have the green light are part of a first season that can be extended in time.

Now I am excited to be back with Disney for the television series based on my graphic novels. Writing” Just Beyond “for BOOM! Studios have been a joy from the start, and I am very happy.

The wonderful screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith brings the series to life on Disney Plus. How lucky can I be?”

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