What Makes the Kashmiri Separatist from Bharat?


From last 5 days, we have lost 45 martyrs in Pulwama Terrorist attack and nation stands with our #IndianArmy but what’s the problem with Kashmiri’s? Why are they not supporting the Indian Army? Why are they not helping the Indian army to fight with the terrorists?

Who are those guys fighting with the Indian Army? Why is our Indian army looking alone in fighting with the terrorists? Don’t you think something is going fishy between “Indian Army” and “Kashmiri”. Is it just about “Pathar Baj” making “Terrorist” or terrorists coming from Pakistan?

How few peoples from Pakistan could come to our Kashmiri region and mislead our Kashmiri youth? This is shameful and that’s the reason we have collected a chat which goes to the conclusion. I recommend you to read it out:

How Kashmiri Youth is Misleaded?

Here is a video was given by this Kashmiri Youth:

And let’s look at the complete images of this chat where the Indian Citizen talking with another Indian Citizen (Telling himself Kashmiri).

What Indian Govt is Offering to Kashmir?

  • Cheap electricity
  • Cheap Basmati Rice,
  • Ration Cheapest rates of Turmeric
  • Special laws for them such as except Kashmiris, Nobody can buy land in Kashmir and have less than 1% of the population but India spends 10% of Total funds of schemes.
  • Indian govt spends Avg RS 92000 on per Kashmiri. And only RS 4300 for per Person from UP.
  • There is no service tax in Kashmir.
  • When you transport any goods in Kashmir, You have to pay RS 100 per KG as a TOLL tax, which you don’t need to pay anywhere in India.
  • We were first saving them during “Kashmir Flood Issue”

Let’s look at “What Kashmiri thinks of Indian Army?”

What does Kashmiri think of Indian Army?

Today, a lot of Kashmiri wants an Independent Kashmir. They don’t want to go either with Pakistan or with the India reason being:

  1. They are manipulated by saying “Indian Army is involved into rape cases, torture to Kashmiri People, politician’s and high authorities are taking benefits of civilians and leave them hungry.

while figuring out the issue, I find Kashmiri Peoples are unemployed and having small local businesses to do which are just not enough. There is popular saying “Khali Dimaag Setan Ka Ghar” so they get brainwashed easily.

Still, Indian Govt. and Indian army is unable to make their goodwill among Kashmiri’s. They are misguided and brainwashed by few Hurriyat and its controller, the ISI,
prove time and again that they don’t deserve any restraint.

We are proud on our Indian Army but is our politics working in the right way? Why are we failed even after the 70 years of Independence? Why are we not able to resolve this #KashmirIssue? Isn’t this the failure of Indian politics? Are they getting #PoliticalGain and ruining #KashmirIssues? What’s your view on it? What can we do to resolve this problem?

If we liked the solution given by you, we assure you to share that solution with
All of The Indian Govt and Local Peoples. We will also email high authorities about
your solutions too.

A millennium question “Why are Kashmiri’s not supporting Indian Army to Fight with Terrorist”? In Today’s Scenario, we are seeing a fight between Kashmiri local people vs Indian Army. What do you say?

Meanwhile, here is a humble request to you guys “Please support Indian Army by Bharat ke Veer App or PayTM whatever fits you the best?”


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